People do not trust the market when they see red color


The price of steem is down and down in the last days
Although many altcoins is doing the same things but lets look at the good side
many other #altcoins could in a few weeks or months double its price and made a good resistance lines
Also these coin could be green when the market was fill of blood

I heard Lots of people in the last days when the price is down said:" It is a good opportunity to buy" this is true #theoretically !!
But in the real life people do not trust anymore when the see the red color
when they see that the price is in continuous drop

So what is the solution ?!
In my point of view I think wee need a good #marketer can work outside the community
and publish #steem to the outside world
we need lots of investment

Steem has done a good job by introducing a new steem project and this is very creative
and promising one
But It is like a treasure hidden in the bottom of the sea, No one can see it
We need to emerge it

I hope you got my message

Thank you
My regards

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