How to De-authorize a Posting Authority via SteemKeychain

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This morning I was looking for a convenient way to remove posting authorities authorization from my account.

You might want to do this if you authorized a dApp on login because you want to check it out. But you no longer need that app to have the authority to post to the Steem blockchain on your behalf. Also app developers sometimes disappear or let the app go defunct, so it’s a good idea to revoke their permissions.

Most of the posts about de-authorizing posting authorities refer to a steemconnect page ( Unfortunately this page just shows a Heroku app error, the service is not available. So I needed an alternative way to revoke posting authorities.

After searching 4-5 posts I landed on this one by @contrabourdon. How to add/remove account authorities using Steem Keychain | A good time to review them — Steemit. This post had exactly what I needed.

@contrabourdon created a page listing a number of useful account tools, which relies on Steem Keychain browser extension instead of Steemconnect service for authentication. The page is here: Steem Keychain. Bookmark this page for future!

The steps for using the '' tool to revoke a posting authority are pretty simple.

  1. First, go to your steemd page to view the list of apps currently authorized on your account with posting authority. The direct link will be something like

  2. Scroll down until you see the section of the page titled “Authorities”. Make note of the exact name of the authority you wish to revoke, for example ‘@dlive’.

  3. Then, go to @contrabourdon’s page (Steem Keychain). Look for the row titled “Remove Account Authority”.

  4. Enter your account name (e.g. in the “username” field

  5. Enter the app’s name (e.g. dlive) in the authorized_username field.

  6. Select ‘Posting’ or ‘Active’ to match the type of authority you want to revoke. Most apps use ‘Posting’ authority because it’s less invasive.

  7. Then click send. You should get a prompt from Steem Keychain to authorize the change.

  8. Click ‘Confirm’ like usual.

  9. Then return to, refresh the Authorities list and confirm the app you revoked is no longer listed.

If you come here looking for a good solution for revoking account authorities, I hope this helps! Thank you to @contrabourdon for creating this tool, and thank you @yabapmatt for gifting us Steem Keychain.


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