I have just learnt something about the STEEM Communities

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Yesterday I created my first Community.

It is called "Catalans on Steem" and, obviously, it is mainly dedicated for topics about the Catalan culture.

While creating the community and after paying the creation fee I also get the Private key of the community which I wrote down and put in a safe place aside.

From that very same moment I played with the options, which there are not so many for the moment, trying to understand the "what and how" I could offer to the memberships.

I have some ideas to set on this community and I was wondering how to implement them...

While having a look on steempeak I reached the following place:


Yes man, it is the wallet of the "community" or, at least, the wallet of the account @hive-139242 which is also the TAG of the community #hive-139242

I checked after the same account at steemd and this is what I get:


My recently created community is just a normal steem account?

... with 0 steem Power and enough Resources Credits to perform... 2 comments a day?

But wait...

Have I created another steem account and an exclusive tag #hive-139242?

Is this what we expect from this feature or what?

Because if this is the case...well...I am sorry but it looks a little bit...disappointing?

Unless I am the only one that has not fully understood the scope of this feature... that it might be very likely as well (LoL)...

Now, jokes aside...

is there any place on which we all can learn what is the final aim and scope of this "feature" called "community"?

Is this feature fully deployed?

What are the next things to be implemented that would give a real value to this "feature" in comparison with a "regular" steem account?

I am just asking because, as some of you may know, I am the owner of an steem account called @runningproject.
This account, created 2 years ago, is acting as well as a sort of community and members of the project get upvotes and other services for being part of this community...

I am really enjoying managing and helping members of this @runningproject community and, honestly, I was wondering that perhaps would be better to "migrate" the @runningproject account to the new "community" Feature recently deployed by steemit but, frankly, I don't see the difference right now...

Unless it would have any relation with the SMT protocol which I guess is the reason of the existence of this feature...

I don't know, frankly, as usual, @steemit is really vague on the descriptions and promotion of their products...

Is there any official report, Vision, whitepaper or the like which explain the use case besides being another steem account?


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I know we're decentralised but I get your point - people setting up/ transferring communities need to know this basic stuff!

Teething probs maybe!

Yep...could be, but it is always the same!!!! There is nothing clear here

Hello dear friend @toofasteddie.

First of all let me congratulate you on the creation of your own hive.
I wish you much success.

Is there any official report, Vision, whitepaper or the like which explain the use case besides being another steem account?

This publication anchored on the front of steemit says that the creation of the communities comes to comply with the provisions of the Steem Whitepaper.

Maybe there we can find the answers. I'm curious about it too.

All best, Piotr.

I read it, nothing there.

I have created mine as well. But didn't knew it has a wallet.

I have created
Mine as well. But didn't knew
It has a wallet.

                 - acesontop

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

it is an steem account, check yourself 😆

Great. I doubt anyone will use it, but at least I tried. After all 3 Steem is not a fortune. Clever idea from their side to make them accounts. This way they will account communities as well along with actual users. Steemit...

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