Complete workflow for converting STEEM to HIVE using @ionomy

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Despite I did request for an account on @ionomy a couple of days ago, it has been just today when I received the verification e-mail in order to enter in.
Immediately after I have sent some small quantity of liquid steem I had in my wallet and now I am going to trade it for BITCOIN and, of course, afterwards I am going to buy some more HIVE.


Next step, sell STEEM for BTC:


Here you have the Sell-order:


...and the correspondent trade for BTC:


Now we have to buy some HIVE:


I set the order at 2402 Satoshis, getting 6.5 HIVE ...

Let's play for a while, then I will withdraw my HIVE tokens to my wallet in order to Power them up!!!!



Sold a few hundred steem there earlier today. It's actually really easy to set up and use but hasn't much volume. I'm happy enough just to sell some my steem if the price holds for a few weeks. Before the big dumps come in. I'll keep some of it powered up though, see what justin does with the chain now he has control and if he can add value to the price. I'd hate to power to zero and see steem at a few dollars again in the future. I expect a big drop over these couple of months while people power down but that could rise again over time.

By my side I hope Justin will finally change the powerdown period to a couple of days so we can get our liquid steem ASAP

This is my plan.

Go for it!