...and the "laziness" killed the steem blockchain

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This is an idea that has crossed my mind for a few weeks.

Probably caused by my own "laziness" too, or, rather, caused by a substantial increase in work that has greatly affected the quality of my Steem articles lately.

What is clear is that the time I dedicate to steem has been reduced, and much.


But I must also say that, even having little time, I always manage to interact with the people I follow, vote them manually most of the time and even "give away" some! BEER as a thank you for the comment obtained.

Unfortunately, I think more and more people use the automatic mode more frequently. I mean the simplest way to get your SP out of performance, such as following a curation trail, delegating to a curation initiative or automating your daily upvotes on people you don't even know or have read anything about them but who continuously manage to get the big stake of upvotes day after day...

Apart from the SBDpotato posts and the Burnposts that we see every day on the top of the trending page, I would say that always, I always see the same actors...

What happens? are they exquisite writers? always?

No sir, they write and are voted on continuously and automatically by the same actors, again and again...
Those "lazy" actors who dedicate very little time to steem and their engagement and that, nevertheless, maximize their little effort to the maximum exponent.

From time to time, some charitable whale dedicates an upvote by chance in one of your articles and then you think, oh god! This time I have done it well, I deserve it !!! I will continue doing the same!

But, unfortunately, that whale usually disappears as fast as it came...
And you are still searching and searching for a way to write the best post of the day that, very likely, will not be read by anyone but perhaps upvoted for many "lazy" at once.

Sometimes I doubt whether I should do the same too...

Looking at steemworld I can see that my 9300 SP are capable of generating 16 SP per week, that is, 0.0017 SP for each SP per week, 0.0069 per month, 0.0826 SP per year, or 8.26% of Returns a year.

If I would put all my voting power to work on following the 10 most successful steem actors, I am very sure that I could reach a much higher performance, surely higher than 10%. The only think I should do from time to time or, let's say once every two weeks would be to "regulate" the Voting Power and the moment on which my autovote would upvote an author or the other...but I would probably end up losing all the little "prestige" that I have managed to accumulate somehow since June 2017, when I started here...

And if we all do the same?

I wonder if laziness would end up destroying everything we've come to build on this, our blockchain...

or perhaps, am I the only one feeling the same?

Again, food for thought...

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The last question:

And if we all do the same?

reminded me of Michael Burry and others and the ETF bubble. The argument goes that passive investing is becoming the default option and the likes of Blackrock and Vanguard are buying up S&P500 companies and other indexes regardless of fundamentals. The consistent high earners on steem could end up like the S&P500 companies - growing in steem power (market cap) without necessarily needing to post quality (fundamentals).

Thanks for your food for thought.

At least those indexes are still alive 😂😂

I put some of it down the the curve of the last HF. A comment vote was an incentive to comment, now it happens less frequently as many don't have the VP to give them out.

Should we smooth this stupid curve maybe? I think so...

I loved everything in HF21 except the curve. I benefitted from it, but I would take less to see more activity and smaller stakeholders getting more.

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