RE: Why you should consider Steem as a blockchain/cryptocurrency for your project/startup/business

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Why you should consider Steem as a blockchain/cryptocurrency for your project/startup/business

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That makes no sense whatsoever. Steem blockchain is an open platform. If a scam project was built on it, what reflection is that on Steem itself? Such a suggestion is even sillier than saying a scam company being built on Microsoft Azure, for example, is a reflection on Microsoft itself or on how good of an option it is for other companies to build on Azure. Do you see how absurd that is?

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I've seen more then a few people comment that they are done supporting apps built on steem in terms of helping fund them and delegating to them. People with some very serious amounts of liquid steem and SP. Now this very well may have been in the moment of being pissed at feeling taken, but it happens. Each person has their own threshold for dealing with being burned..or at least feeling like they have been burnt.

It's not about it being a reflection of Steem, just a matter of how do people feel about apps on steem right now. A discussion of what direction to move forward with this project has been going on with a few of us. One wants to go somewhere else, but majority is all pro steem including myself. But I can understand why there is concern and consider it a valid one hence why I felt it was worth gauging the openness of people to invest again.

Well said. The vast majority of Steem projects are legitimate and even things like DLive are not scams, even if they took advantage of Steem without long term commitment.
Really fraudulent conduct is much more common outside the Crypto space than within it. Most Crypto people and Steemians in particular are not naive, so are much harder to scam than normies.

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@apshamilton did you forget magic dice and bellyrub bank? How short is public memory!

@magidice created bad image for dapps recently