Protect & Govern STEEM: Vote for Witnesses NOW!

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TL;DR: Vote for Witnesses (or set proxies) so the community has more influence than a single individual!

It doesn't matter which witness. Just make sure they've got Steem as n°1 priority!

Vote here =>

Fellow Steemians,

the ninja-mined stake from Steemit Inc. has always been a danger to our decentralised governance.

This is true now more than ever.

Justin Sun is a smart business man and if I were a TRX hodler, I'd be pretty stoked about his recent shopping spree.

But I'm first and foremost a Steemian!

I've built on here for more than 2 years and I'm lucky to have seen all the many positive attributes this blockchain brings to the table of crypto.

Especially with recent improvements, such as SPS, Mira, Resource Credits and soon SMTs & RC delegations. The future looks bright!

However, our blockchain is at risk.

There are a lot of rumours going around.

While Justin Sun is saying that for now Steem blockchain is staying as is, there are too many articles & tweets talking about the current STEEM token having to be converted to TRX STEEM, or becoming worthless.

This is a major red-flag in my opinion!

Steem is not and will not become a marketing product for any other blockchain.

If it were to make sense to migrate towards a newer & better technology, then it would make sense to think about it.

But right now, with the improvements that have been built on-top of the Steem core code, there is absolutely no reason why Steem, as a blockchain, should cease to exist, just to become another TRX-10/20 token.

What to do then?

As @taskmaster4450 correctly pointed out (post), there is currently over 210 Million Steempower on Steem.

If I subtract 75 million of Steemit Inc's stake and subtract 48 Million which is currently voting for the n°1 witness @yabapmatt, then there are still 90 Million Steempower left not voting for witnesses.

Alone 50% of that, 45 Million, would mean that the community would have more influence in deciding the future of Steem, than any single individual.

That means:

Vote for Witnesses - NOW!

Vote here =>

It doesn't matter which one you choose, as long as the witnesses have Steem as N°1 priority!

It obviously would make sense to support the current top 30 Witnesses, to make sure that we've got enough power to sustain any attack, but there are a lot of great witnesses below that ofc.

Now, if you don't know which witnesses to vote for, then simply set a proxy (you can choose me or any other Steemian you trust) as a proxy.


Header over to the user's profile on and do the action you see above in the image (ACTIONS => Set as proxy)

This will result in your Steempower being proxied to said user who will vote with your Steempower as well (only for witnesses, doesn't include regular post voting).

If you want to set me as a proxy:

This post is not FUD

As I said in my previous post: I'm an optimist by heart and I would love nothing more than a mutual beneficial partnership between TRON & STEEM.

BUT.. I will not accept any risks regarding the stakeholders investments on here nor to give up on a project with so much potential.

We are not just here to make TRX holders richer!

If we can all benefit from this arrangement, then that would be great.

But let's be prepared to fight for our blockchain and our freedom!

Vote for Witnesses NOW (or set proxies) so the community has more influence than a single individual!

Vote here =>

PS: Please focus on using alternative Steem interfaces; such as, eSteem and more ...

Vote for @followbtcnews!


Great initiative! For me, it is crucial that we ensure that the users and stakeholders who have stayed with us through a harsh bear market (or two), gets what they were promised (the SMT hardfork and the key value propositions Steem have as an immutable, decentralized social platform where everyone can be a part and own a part.

Our witness (@steempress) will do everything to ensure that is what the community gets.

Absolutely necessary now that community stays active and uses their stake wisely for the good of Steem.

Vote for witnesses
Set active members as proxy

@therealwolf this question has been nagging at me for the last several days now and I would like to get your opinion on it.

Do you personally think that @yabapmatt has a real desire to preserve the Steem ecosystem as it is given his involvement with both Splinterlands (that has a Tron feature) and Steem-Engine which is backed by Poloniex?

I am asking because all of those things plus that he currently is the number one witness seem (from my limited perspective and incomplete understanding of the full scenario) to have an incredible amount to gain by a Token swap and/or merger with the Tron blockchain?

In other words would you vouch for him to do the right thing?

I have had zero interactions with him and do not know anyone else that has and by my nature I tend to be suspicious of folks. Please do not feel obligated to answer this but an answer would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Privex is backed by Poloniex in my understanding. Sorry if I am misinformed there or if I should have just used Privex in my original post instead of Poloniex.

ive had a LOT of interactions with @yabapmatt.. both way back two years ago when he helped me with voting bot questions.. but more importantly and recently the past few months. He has been Amazingly supportive of the ecoVIllage project im working on, and in short, after many hours of talking and listening i can say that in my personal opinion, yabap is a legand! He has his heart in the right place, and is a man who cares, and gives a shit about doing the right thing... He is also pretty successful, but its his character that counts, and from what ive seen, his character is SOLID! Im Very happy to see him in #1 spot... we are in good hands!

So encouraging it is to read this remark about Yabapmatt.

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Thanks for your input on this @eco-alex.

Very good question.

i have given my opinion of yabapmatt in this thread.. thanks!

I thought so as well. Glad that it passes your muster @oldtimer.

Hmm, this one is a strong one. Though @Yabapmatt is not saying anything so far, but i think his involvement in Steem-engine means good for Steem.

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@yabapmatt is one of the honest people I know on Steem. This doesn't mean that he's perfect nor that he will put Steem before Splinterlands, but he's a good person and he will do his best.

Thanks for the answer @therealwolf.


There's way too many users who use witness voting the way they use curation, i.e. unvoting because they disagree with something a witness or someone involved in the witness does with curation (upvoting & downvoting) and often sit there with just 10 used witness votes or like to play politics and using their witness votes or proxies as a way to attempt to garner upvotes. These are all very childish things to do, we're talking about the security of our blockchain here so set aside those issues and vote for the witnesses you know have the best intentions for the blockchain in mind or proxy to someone you trust is up to date with who he votes for and uses all 30 votes.

I think many do not really understand the concept and purpose behind witness voting. More enlightenment on this would be helpful.

The top 20 steem witnesses for Steem are at the fore of decision making for this blockchain.

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I'm bound to say that of course I unvote witnesses from time to time, and I think witnesses actually try harder to do their very best if they can't take votes for granted. :)
Like I prefer manual curating over auto upvotes I also prefer 'manual' witness voting instead of choosing my witnesses once and then just stick with them forever.

However, I agree that every Steemian should make use of his right (and 'duty') to vote for 30 witnesses.

That said (and that's why I comment here at all), I think one single account should only be able to vote for five to (at maximum) ten witnesses!
Otherwise a big stake holder like Justin Sun could be able to control the whole blockchain. And it doesn't really matter which percentage of STEEM power he owns now. A person who spends more than four million dollar for a lunch with Warren Buffett would be always able to buy as many STEEM as necessary ... :)

Your last sentence is pure gold.

I've never really utilized more than 30% of my votes. Perhaps I will just set you @acidyo as my proxy since I believe more in your love for steem

I would like to see number of witnesses and witnesses votes changed during a fork. Maybe go to top 30 witnesses instead of 20 and change your votes to only 12 witnesses. This would help decentralize things. I always thought top 20 with 30 votes per account was to centralized

Socks. Limits on the number of witnesses an account can vote for are bypassed by sock puppet accounts.

A better mechanism to decentralize governance through witness votes is 1 steem 1 vote. No matter how many accounts are casting votes for a user, they can only vote their VP once.

They would have to split their stake to vote with multiple accounts though, and every individual vote would be worth less. I think fewer votes is actually closer to 1 steem 1 vote, as the influence one can excert right now multiplies with every vote one gives.

Certainly managing the witness votes of multiple socks is easily done using proxies. All the socks could simply proxy to accounts that each vote seven witnesses, and all the VP the owner spread through all the accounts would be cast for 30 witnesses in total, if that's what they wanted to do. However that VP would be split and only approximately 1/4 would apply to each witness (28/7 = 4), so it would reduce considerably the stakeholders ability to vote his entire stake for 30 witneses.

1 Steem 1 vote does so 4 times more.

Yes. Forget what I said, I didn't think properly.

Yeah, I agree. Maybe the math is wrong, but from the back of a napkin this sounds like a solid plan. It'd require more participation in order to approve things.

Yeah not sure the exact math. We can debate that. But needs to be changed. However the current witnesses most likely will never incorporate that type of change, so we would have to do it on a hard fork that separates from the current block chain.#steemclassic

Alternative Steem interfaces become more relevant after the Tron acquisition/partnership/collaboration or whatever they call it.

My personal favorite is @steempeak

I have my proxy set to @blockbrothers!

thats what im doing since 4 years!

The Portuguese community @steemitportugal in Steemit has a witness and we would be grateful if anyone can vote for us.

Hug from Portugal!

would be great if some of those witnesses tell us for example "that they talked to steemit employees, that they tried to contact some people at trone..." so we could try and resolve this SHIT SHOW!

Yeah why don't they talk to then, make a video for proof, and get the facts straight before continuing to freak everybody out!! The post says he's all worried about tweets, anyone can tweet anything!! lol I may have to unvote this witness if he doesn't work on facts!!

we did get an steemit employe interviu, from the talk it looked like all is fine "for now" :D

Voting our witnesses is a mandatory thing that needs to happen universally in Steem. We DO need to know that all the witnesses are on the same page and are all ready to fight the fight though. I really want to have a list of our "dedicated" witnesses. The top 100 list is just a list of names and the amount of work to investigate every one is onerous. These are important times for the chain and we need to have an "all hands on deck" call to arms, beyond the "AMA".

It is a lot of work to investigate witnesses. BTW, I am pretty happy the witnesses aren't all on the same page. It's why voting for those you feel best represent you matters. Vive la difference!

That onerous burden of witness voting is why I set my proxy to @krnel. I did that some time ago, and chose him because none of the witnesses he votes for were running bidbots, unlike @therealwolf and @themarkymark. I have always vehemently opposed botting, and made sure my witness votes didn't go to profiteers.

I only mean same page in dedication to Steem and not over on EOS or other chains. I've been here for more than long enough to see the change in a lot of witnesses and their seeming motives. The proxy can be a good option for people but they also have to do due diligence on the proxy which might not be that easy for some.

Question: By setting a proxy, do I get to keep my currently voted witnesses, or are they all reset into whatever my proxy chooses?

I suppose another good choice is to look at the witnesses chosen by someone I might trust as a proxy, and distribute my votes to match more of their choices, and keep other witness votes I specifically want too keep.

They are all reset.

This has become a problem for me, because I want to vote for @r0nd0n who has just become a witness, and whose character I believe to be unmatched, but my current proxy has just had a baby, and isn't paying much attention to Steem atm.

If I vote for @r0nd0n, I'll have to set 29 other witness votes because voting for one witness ends the proxy completely.

They're being reset. The 2nd option is also good. It simply depends on your behaviour, if you prefer to be in control or if you want to put your trust on another Steemian.

Resteemed and retwitted!

I have been using all my witness votes for ages. I just have to check now and then that none have gone inactive. I hope they will stick with us through these 'interesting times'

Thank You @therealwolf!

It would be great to create a proxy account as a kind of “union” of blockchain defense, that union would vote for witnesses that defense the Steem Blockchain avoiding attacks of a major stakeholder.

Keep in mind, that having a single source of proxy is also a danger to decentralisation. I think it's good that there are many different proxies. But interesting idea nevertheless!

Well said. You've got my proxy vote

Wonderful view indeed. I'm heading straight a way to complete my 30 votes.

I hope every other steemian follows suit.

Well... I happen to be a witness and I use Steempeak as my primary Social Network. If you could give me a vote.

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Please do, it's the right thing to do at the moment.

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Yeah, let's see how it turns out. I know in all, steem would win.

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I've used all mine, I've voted a fair few T20s, if required I'll pull my vote from those lower down and pile in more T20s.

Having said that I've only got 29k SP (although that puts me well into the top 1000), it's probably mostly just a matter of the top 100 non-steemit accounts coordinating to get to 100M SP, maybe less?

Very important issue this, thanks for the post.

Voted you as a witness right now to protect the Steem blockchain :)

Just drained my witness voting power!

I haven't used all of my witness votes, but I did start updating a couple days ago.

Let's protect our Blockchain together! Ive setup proxy for @yabapmatt :)

Done. I mean just checked and i had 12 votes left but now all of them i used. Hope all of us will do the same.

Since you know more than I know about the Steem blockchain, I just set you @therealwolf as proxy.

I cast all my votes in the top 30! It is better to prepare for the worst in case of a chain split.

You can always change votes around, but that is a great start.

Interesting developments, I don't have enough experience or info overall to determine the best way to save the potential abuse of the steemit blockchain in this takeover by TRONsun, but it looks bad when one company has to sell out to another. Steemit is gone, now it's all TRON, to the outside observer, regardless of what it looks like under the hood to the devs.

Nevertheless, if voting for witnesses will help then let's focus on that guys.

Dear @therealwolf

To the point. I like the way you made all this a bit more clear.

#FullSuuport4Steem and a !BEER from me

Well said @therealwolf, the community can't be used for gambling because of the choice one business entity. The community of steem is our priority toiled by millions of steemians blood to let is stand till now, then we should act fact to claim its survival before it suffers nitches...D: Thanks for alerting us what is in the space coming....would be ready vote for my witness @therealwolf or any other of witness of my choice.

Its well good that thw community is alert on this. Let's keep spreading the message to others.

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Some info pulled from the blockchain/SteemSQL for steemians to know who are the inactive accounts with a relatively significant amount of stake behind or number of accounts that set them as proxies. That would be useful. Some people may have entrusted the wrong accounts with their voting rights.

@therealwolf Well, I vote for witnesses that support our charity and it seems that I will have to change it now in order to fill up our witness vote count.
Will think about it!

Yes there should be mutual beneficial partnership between TRON & STEEM.
We may support to make TRX holders richer and get more rewards if they can do same thing for us

I already voted for 30 witnesses 1 year ago and updated my list as I need to update

Thanks for the reminder. I did cast 7-8 more votes. There were people I thought I was already voting for but obviously not until now. I had not reviewed my previous votes for quite a while and the truth is I don't know enough. Some of my choices seem Disabled. Is that temporary? I will try and learn more before continuing with my last votes. Good luck!

@therealwolf, Thank you for sharing your Concern and definitely this is the actual time when whole Community should come forward to rise again as always. Stay blessed.

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Didn't @pumpkin or @freedom always control who was a top 20 witness? Sun can just do the same thing if he wants to. You also have to take into account that you are not going to be able to convince everyone to vote for your idea which, by the way, is a good idea in theory, but it is a fact there are over one million members who are no longer even active I would think some of them do have some of that 90m SP you talk about. I think really that this is out of our hands.
Also humans tend to follow the big guy in this case the huge guy, so I think many will just go along with him.

@pumpkin has a big influence but he is by far not controlling TOP 20. We're talking 70M stake (Steemit Inc) vs 10M stake (freedom). Some witnesses (i.e. @aggroed) are in the TOP20 without any huge stakeholders, such as the above or someone like @blocktrades.

You also have to take into account that you are not going to be able to convince everyone to vote for your idea which, by the way, is a good idea in theory, but it is a fact there are over one million members who are no longer even active I would think some of them do have some of that 90m SP you talk about. I think really that this is out of our hands.
Also humans tend to follow the big guy in this case the huge guy, so I think many will just go along with him.

Good points. We'll see how far we can get this thing going, but so far we've gained roughly 2% in votes. In the end, this is more a public education initiative than anything.

Yep already voted for you guys! STEEM #1


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I am always sure to vote 30witnesses. Actually updated one the other day (helpie dropped out ).
One thing I do when I give someone an account ticket is set me as their witness/proposal proxy and of course recovery (this is automatic).
I think some of the bigger accounts giving away lots should consider this.
If you feel it is controlversial, warn them first amd let them know they can change it using steemworld or something.

That said I think we can easily get 70million sp just looking at the whales and orcas not voting. A few of the big guys are operated by ???? And may not be allowed to do anything, but chasing minnows and plankton will be difficult to reach the target.

Hi @therealwolf And what is your opinion about the future, as you say may be good but the uncertainties are latent, on the other hand voting the witnesses as you also expose it in your point of view we should join all users and do it to protect the platform .

Greetings from Chile.

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I think steem blockchain is in danger based on what Justin Sun is signaling. Maybe forking steemitinc stake is the solution?

I really have a problem with forking out stake purchased by an investor. Every other investor in the world will see that. Every other stake on Steem will be just as easily forked away. It will ruin Steem to do that.

I believe a better solution to the problem is to deplete our witness vote VP 100%. Tron has 75M Steem. The way witness votes work now is that Tron can vote 30 times with 75M votes each time.

If that VP depleted 100%, then if Tron voted 75M for one witness, they'd be out of VP and couldn't vote for another witness. If they voted one witness 20M votes, they'd have 55M votes left. This decentralizes governance by allowing each Steem in existence to be voted once for witness.

Tron would no longer be able to simply overwhelm the rest of us with it's centralized stake. At best, they could force in 1/3 of the consensus witnesses, which is not enough for a hostile takeover. It would require 17 of the top 20 to force a HF, and Tron could not do that alone.


If Steem has to fork, the Steem Classic blockchain would not be the same blockchain as the one Justin invested in. People do not automatically have rights to coins in a fork, devs can edit their fork and people not getting a cut of that network can simply stick with the one they do have a stake in.

Forks are not censorship, they are competition and they empower free will.

I submit you are correct. I apologize for my misunderstanding.

Thanks for preventing my continuing in error.

Edit: I feel it is necessary to point out that such a fork would be a new blockchain and new token, which would not bear the exchange value of that on this original blockchain, and neither would be listed on the exchanges until we get them to list it. Justin Sun would continue to possess his extant Steem on the original blockchain, and could proceed at will without those that forked off into the new blockchain.

The original tokens would remain the property of the possessors on the original chain, subject to what governance Tron sees fit to exercise. Some folks unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies may not understand this.

You are right, Justin is going to win in terms of exchange tickers. In fact, a Steem Classic might be economically screwed with near zero liquidity and be available only on shitty exchanges.

But at the same time a fork might be necessary for the future of SE token projects. We might be able to adapt and we might not. The SCOT projects, many contest systems and my own contest system is held in the balance in this situation. I have no idea if the SE tokens will even be able to exist to provide the utility that people got them for.

SE-based operations are very much at risk of needing complete overhauls if we lose this blockchain in place for some dapp on Tron. A Steem Classic, profitable or not, might be the only way for SE-based community projects to stay functional.

Unfortunately the safety and liveness treshold for classical synchronous consensus is 1/3. You need 2n + 1 good nodes/stake/hashpower in order to tolerate n faulty nodes. When there is 33% malicious stake than the byzantine fault tolerance property is lost.

The Last irreversible block (LIB) as Larimer calls it is the block which has 2/3 majority consensus behind it. As long as 2/3 are behind the LIB there will be no node joining a fork which is not build on this LIB. But hey why should Sun care about this

I am not technically competent enough in the field to have been aware of that prior to your comment. I deeply appreciate learning this new information to me.

In order to clarify my understanding, 1/3 stake is capable of preventing a Hf even if 2/3 of the top 20 agree on it? AFAIK it takes 17 of the top 20 witnesses to agree on a HF, so it seems if 100% of the vested stake on Steem were voting on witnesses, 1/3 of it being hostile to a HF would prevent consensus. Correct?


yes you was right but it is 17 nodes to prevent a fork not 17 nodes to initiate a fork. 17 is what comes next to 2n + 1 which is basically >75%. 16 (or more correct 15,75) nodes is 75% and since there is no 1% of a node it needs 17 nodes for honest majority.

So over 1/3 is capable of initiate a majority fork. As long as it is up to 1/3 it is only a minority-fork which will die quickly.

Up to 1⁄3 of the nodes can be malicious or malfunction and create a minority fork. In this case the minority fork will only produce one block every 9 seconds while the majority fork will produce 2 blocks every 9 seconds. Once again, the honest 2⁄3 majority will always be longer than the minority.
Larimer 2017 dPOS the missing Whitepaper

The confusing part is that forking in dPOS is not the same as in Bitcoin. If we want to be free we could easily set up a new independent system, but as you have mentioned, this is not how things are intended. The best way realy is to re-elect. dPOS can be compromised by a 1/3 + 1 "Majority" but it will still run in a pending state, so that we only need to concentrate our stake to the running/remaining honest nodes.

"...we only need to concentrate our stake to the running/remaining honest nodes."

Imma keep my eyes peeled @lauch3d! Thanks for the primer. I'd probably never have understood how this worked without your help.


Don't you think that it's already to late to implement this change?

No, I actually think Justin Sun won't oppose it. He's said he is not going to vote witnesses with his stake. He should, if he understands how witness votes work, support this strengthening of decentralization of governance on Steem. He has said he supports decentralization.

I think it's definitely long past due, but I don't think it's too late.

He did not make a firm promise to never use his votes, it was a soft, clearly temporary statement.

Yes. However, this change does not prevent him having enormous influence over governance, it only prevents him from having the ability to install 30 witnesses at will. I don't believe he will oppose the measure when compared with the threat some are making to fork the blockchain.

Does it take 100% VP to cast a single witness vote?

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I believe even if your stake is delegated to another it still counts as yours when you vote for witnesses. Ordinary VP depletion definitely does not affect witness votes from what I have understood.

Good to know that.

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That's right.

Ordinary delegation DOES NOT apply to witness or SPS votes.

Proxy DOES apply to witness and SPS votes.

Vote power also has no influence on witness and SPS votes.

Thanks for the confirmation. We can be confident we've got it right when you agree.

Something will happen I believe.

Steemit Inc's stake is part of STEEM. Forking it out would only work if it comes with another branding. At least that's my take on it.

I vote for Justin Sun, he is my god :)

lol ok


Is there an alternative to change witness other than the steemitwallet? I have been trying for days and can't seem to get anything to change.

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thank you. All my witness votes are updated and I have ZERO remaining.

You are welcome @metzli! Also YAY for voting!

so much STEEM is lost forever in accounts of people that left STEEM or lost their keys. How much Steem does the rest of the community REALLY have available though? Look at all of the accounts that @superheroes and @steemengineteam have access to. I fear there is a lot less active STEEM available then is being estimated.

I'm in this, we should hard fork them out in case they decide to make something we dont agree with. On the other hand, Justin bought steemit in order to increase his income, and if he decides to go against us, his investment will fade away...

Need more clarifications on this one before start acting. Preventing those things from happening is a way to go.

Steemit Inc's stake is part of STEEM and forking them out, while keeping the brand, STEEM, is not legal and unethical IMO. If that stake is forked out, it has and should be under a new brand.

I was reffering to a situation in which they wanna make a hostile takover, without cunsulting to the stake holders first

He should make a clear press release ( or post) to steem what the plan from him is.

What he does is make him look like Evilned ( before useless ned).

Have someone contact to him? for a Interview ( or to ask question from him).

But to be real, if he attacks Steem, he loss 100% of his Investment. I think the community will stay on real steem. If he wants the tech for tron, he can use a fork i think for free?

So he should tell us a plan he has. Otherwise it will become from day to day worse for him.

Ned has always hd a communication problem.

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thats why i call him useless ned

Ned may not be useless afterall. Thinking out a project as awesome as steem is not from a dollard. he only has a communication weakness.

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Good idea here @therealwolf. However, I think it's time to support good contents with big upvotes yo increase the potency of votes to witness. Consider of 45 million worth of vests held by top whales can be used to mine at least 10 million steem in the next 7 days.. that would be huge and it would further boost community votes on top witnesses.

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Consider of 45 million worth of vests held by top whales can be used to mine at least 10 million steem in the next 7 days

Inflation for content distribution is roughly 4% APR. How do you get to 10M in 7 days?

By my thoughts, 4% of 45 million is 1.8 million and that represents all votes cast at 100%. if that is done for five times in a single day by SP pool of 45 million, then 10 million steem can be mined in seven days time.

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