What is the Best Andriod Frontend for Posting? 5 Steem Bounty!

in #steem2 years ago

Do you post from your phone? If so I need your opinion...

Have avoided posting from my phone, but as the holidays tend to create some opportunities to do so I'd like to look into it. So what Android app is the best for posting to Steem?


Few things I'd love for an app to have, but not required:

  • Templates
  • Scheduled posting
  • Ability to switch between 2 accounts (mine and @pifc)
  • Built in formatting tools

Sure there are other useful tools, but since I'm not using an app yet I'm not sure what I should be looking for. So please tell me which one you prefer and why!

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I'm curious to see how this gets answered, myself!

I do post from my Android fairly often using Partiko, but usually only shorter, less text heavy posts or posts without too many links or images. HOWEVER! That being said, I've accidentally ERASED more than one post before I got it posted, and not had the know-how to get these back. (Though this might be more because of MY inexperience with phones and have little to do with Partiko as a program. Personally, I prefer to write in my first drafts in a paper notebook THEN type my 2nd drafts into the computer before posting. I get a solid first edit converting from hand writing to typing.)

One weird thing, my Partiko app's notification feature seems to be broken, as it hasn't sent me any notices in over a month---and I don't know how to fix it. (Maybe reinstall the program?) That complaint aside, I use Partiko several times per week for posting short pieces with only one or two images, and it works quite well for that!

I think it has scheduled posting, not sure about switching accounts, doesn't seem to have templates. Very bare-bones...

Honestly if Partiko was paying me I wouldn't use anything they produce. They spammed the blockchain so bad and still make everything a referral link (more spammy tactics). Hope they go out of business. Just won't deal with people that use tactics like that to grow their business...past experience tells me not to trust anything they do.

Now I just realized another feature that I want...talk to text. An app that has this would dominate! Could you picture reading the first draft that you wrote on paper and not having to type anything? It's how I text, it's how I search the internet, it's how I should steem!

I SO agree with you about Partiko. I am glad to see them leaving Steem and no longer maintaining their app.

I use talk to text on @eSteemapp all the time.

I'm shocked at how many people keep using Partiko considering they haven't been maintaining it.

Good to know about the talk to text...I hate...no wait I HATE typing on my phone.

I was shocked when people started using Partiko right from the start. They were not open source and we could not see if they were selling our data, or where their funding was coming from.

I use swype on my phone, and that works OK for me, much of the time. But talk is great!

The notice WAS one of it's handy features.
Great for Small posts, agreed.
But I tend to make larger posts.

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I very rarely post on my phone, but the app I use is esteem. And honestly, unless you go mobile browser mode, don't think we have that many options. Partiko was my first choice, but since it stopped being maintained I slowly switched to esteem, and it does a decent job!

I second eSteem. It works really well.

I had been having all sorts of issues with their desktop version a while back so stopped using it. There have been a ton of upgrades since, but got used to steempeak for regular posting and hadn't given it another shot. Will have to play with esteem on my phone to see how well it works for me.

Thanks for the suggestion.

On pc steempeak seems a lot more functional, yes! But on mobile it's the best for now,I think. Merry Christmas!

I want to say partiko for android but because I cannot really post a lot of pictures, I say none.I just access steampeak/ steemit on my google chrome browser in the phone.

This is sad to me that you have been forced to use the web browser to access...there seriously must be a better option.

Wonder if the app that @blockbrothers has been working on is good for Android yet. Know it wasn't at the start...maybe @brittandjosie can fill us in on it.

Is that the steemify?yes I hope it works better.most of the time, I have to do my blogging using my phone especially when I am doing a tutorial.

Yes we can send a message to @bennierex and he can answer the question @nurseanne and also APPICS has a video possibility maybe if you want to use that next to all other apps and frontends

I am interested britt!O just don't know how and where to download it

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I use @esteemapp for everything I do on Steem. I love my phone and eSteem works wonderfully for me. It has so many features that it sometimes seems to take people a while to discover them all, but search works wonderfully, you can save drafts, and notifications are great. If you want to give it a try feel free to message me and I would be happy to help you find your way around!

I might just take you up on that offer! Saving a draft would be nice, does it work on the phone app too?

Yes! You can have many different drafts in progress at the same time.

I think that the only thing that covers those options is SteemPeak. Why do you need an app for? It works well on any browser.

I hope you get what you need!

I should put my settings to 100% Steem Power. I don't plan on doing any cashing out until I reach 5000 SP (which will be sometime this coming year - just hit 3k), then I'll go back to 50/50 as I'd like to start getting some income from Steem.

Have a great Christmas or whatever you prefer to celebrate. 2020 should be great!

That is how I see it except I really hope to reach 25k SP without any need to pull income...if everything goes good with the store maybe 50k even.
Shoot for the stars...if you miss you still may end up on the moon ;) .

And Merry Christmas to you too!

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