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RE: Steem - Justin Sun announces another acquisition, could it be Steem/Steemit?

in #steem11 months ago

The will acquire a decentralized platform? -_-


Yea I am thinking in that twitter poll they meant steemit as I am not sure how you acquire a blockchain... well I guess technically you could buy enough steem to control the top 20 witness spots and then in effect it would be yours.

Which would kill the entire point of the platform causing people to fork or go someplace else... Also TRX is fully capable of housing a steemlike Dapp anyway. WHY BOTHER?

extra confused.

if Tron / Justin Sun buys Steemit, Inc, then right there they already acquired enough Steem to control the top 20 (actually top 30 because of how witness voting works) witness slots. Steemit, Inc. doesn't currently use its massive ninja mined stake to vote for witnesses (unless you believe that Ned = Freedom/Pumpkin, which is certainly possible), but does anyone really think that Tron / Justin Sun wouldn't use the stake if they acquired Steemit, Inc.?

Yeah I was thinking the same yesterday when I posted this..