Why I only vote for posts with the #palnet tag

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The https://www.palnet.io site is still very young and only started about a week ago and I already like it very much for a few good reasons. I even go that far to only vote for posts with the #palnet tag now.

If you want to know why or if you never heard of palnet, than keep on reading.


A fresh start

Everyone started with a small amount of tokens gained from the claimdrop. The amount was capped to a maximum of 2500 tokens per user. Even the biggest whales on Steemit are "normal" users on palnet. There is a way more fair distribution.

Trending and Hot for really good content

The trending section on steemit is pure garbage in my opinion. Want your garbage to be seen by everyone? Just sent some money to bidbots. On palnet there are no bidbots and nobody is strong enough to self upvote himself to the top.

50% Curation rewards

Of cource I hope that there won't be bidbots ever. Maybe 50% curation rewards (instead of 25% on Steemit) will help to keep bitbots weak. Many people (including myself) are not the best writers, I just can't motivate myself to write everyday. But I love to find quality content and curate it. If I feel like I get a fair reward for curating and my curation does something (bring good content into trending) than I am motivated to do it every day. On Steemit I stand no chance against bidbots as a curator.

Promoting content

What to do if you are a fresh user, nobody knows you but you have high quality content? The beginning is always difficult. People have to find you first to be able to curate you. On Palnet you have to possibility to promote your content. You pay a few tokens and your content appears on the trending site. Just like an ad that you pay money for so other users can find you. If your content is garbage than nobody will vote for you, your promotion is useless, but if you have quality content that's a great chance for you to build followers and receive upvotes.

It's an experiment

Palnet is an experiment. Maybe it will work or maybe there is something that will lead to its failure. At the moment I am optimistic, but it is impossible to say how it will evolve. For me the site makes it easier to find good content and it rewards me better. I already staked (same as powerup on Steemit) 3000 Palcoins. They are still very cheap and can be traded on https://steem-engine.com.

Maybe you already received some tokens via the claimdrop. You can look at this list. If you have been active in the last 2 months (at least a comment or post), have at least 10 Steempower and are not listed on some blacklists than you should find your name and the amount on this list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cbCdCn7-LyIarcurn-N1_dpfAHWsAzvCE9HMiWi9n4k/edit#gid=1579377021

If you found your name, log into Steem Engine and claim your tokens!

If your name does not appear on the list, that's not that bad. You can still earn tokens with good content or buy some tokens on Steem Engine.

Get rewarded twice!

Posting on Palnet does not mean that you will give up your Steem rewards. If you post something on Palnet, it will also appear on Steemit. If you vote something it will get voted on both platforms. The big difference between the platforms is how it shows the content in the trending section. The big hope is that one day there will only be unique and high quality content in the trending section.

It takes time

It is still far from perfect at the moment. A lot of users are not using the palnet tag (if you use the palnet site the tag will be added automatically). It will take some time for the system to stabilize and more users to join. I think in a few weeks/months we will see if there will be a lot of quality content in the trending page.

I will focus on voting for palnet content that I believe to be high quality and hope that everything works out fine for the network. I think it is at least worth to try it out.


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I started and still don't earn on my posts. Unless I use apps like Dlike, Parkito app, D.Tube, my post don't earn and I have to use services

It is an interesting start. I will have to do a test post on Palnet and see how it all plays out. I still do not understand why when voting on Palnet the amount of Pal does not change.

It is delayed by a few minutes. They also said that decimal points will come very soon.

I will monitor the upvote on yours and @josephsavage and see. Thanks for your response. I hate to get discouraged before I barely begin here.

You have to have staked PAL for your vote to affect the PAL payout.

I have staked 3500 PAL from the start. I have voted on a number of posts and there is no change in the amount of PAL that is earned . I just upvoted this reply to my comment and it is showing me 0.00 PAL and I believe I used at least 50%.

So your upvote gave it 1 PAL...

That seems like not a great conversion rate from 3500 staked. With 0 decimal places supported, it implies that only upvotes from PAL whales will be counted, or votes from enough smaller accounts to add up to a whale equivalent...

I think that not allowing decimal places was a critical design flaw, especially with the airdrop max lower than the amount needed to grant 1 PAL per upvote...

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I thought this was going to put everyone on equal footing, so everyone had a chance and not just the whales. Guess I need to give it a chance to work everything out. Also if I vote at 50% on Palnet then it also votes 50% on steemit. A few commenters got a bonus today and I lowered my voting power.

There will be greater decimal precision in the coming weeks, this is our top priority.

That will help a lot in making PALnet a more egalitarian solution.

That is for sure. A lot of my followers do not have the resources to get anything if I upvote them my usual 20%. Then if I go higher so they can get 1 pal then on steemit my voting power goes down fast and they get a larger upvote, which means I have to rebuild VP. For now I will only upvote through steemit so I know what will happen and can be fair with my upvoting.

The amount of PAL rewards takes a bit of time to reflect on the front end. Hopefully this will change soon.

My favorite part about the "promoted" feature is that it burns PAL to promote, thus deflating the currency. Something that should have been implemented on Steemit years ago IMO.

Yep I also like that point. Do you have more information about how the promote system works? For how long will my post be promoted if I use for example 5 Palcoins? I think it's like whoever pays more gets a better (more on the top) promotion place. But for how long does it last?

@eonwarped is the genius behind it, maybe he could shed some light on this. If not, I'll do some digging and get back to you.

It lasts until payout.

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Great Post, thanks!


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bidbots would kill palnet as they screwed steem..if Dan would have kept control of Steemit and without bidbots Steem would be the number 1 crypto today....bigger than EOS that's for sure

Great explanation. Thanks!