I Keep On Powering Up Steem..

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I just powered up 5,000 more SP and I am at unbelievable (for me at least) 20,000 SP now!

I remember the times when I was at 1,000 SP. The price of Steem was at 2-3 Dollars I think. We were in the middle of the bear market. I did everything to earn more money so I could buy more Steem.
My target was 3,000 SP. I wanted to reach my goal desperately before the bear market would end.

The bear market went longer than expected and my goals went higher and higher. My goals changed from 3k to 5k to 10k to 15k to 20k. When will it end? To be honest I have no clear goal anymore, I just buy more Steem whenever I can and whenever I think it's a great buy.

I believe in Steem, I see great potential! We already have a relatively big community (in Crypto). I see so many intelligent people here and a place to build so many great projects on.

But maybe I am just stupid and I see everything wrong. Of course that's possible. If that's the case it's how it is, but I won't waste this (in my opinion) big life opportunity to be part of something big in its early stage.

I prefer wasting a lot of money into something with a good chance of success instead of investing no money and watching the chance vanish in front of my eyes because I didn't take it.

We are 1.5 years in the bear market now.. Maybe we are at a turning point, maybe not but I will keep on working extra hard to take as much FIAT out of the system and convert it into Crypto and Steem.

I am just so deep into Steem that I even started two projects here.

What if the price of Steem drops even more? I will probably buy even more and YOU should do it too IF you see the same opportunity like I do. That's of course no financial advice because I am only allowed to give them to myself (and to my mother :D)

Keep on digging..

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Gratuliere, der Preis ist aber auch zu verlockend haha.

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Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken ein Upvote von @sebescen81 und von @lanacharleen alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

Danke! Ja wirklich sehr verlockend, irgendwie will man immer noch bissl mehr :D

Haha ja, besonders bei den ganzen Token, die es nun gibt und von denen man gerne mehr hätte xD

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Gratulation zu deinem Schritt!! Hoffe das es belohnt wird!!
Eine Frage, wie weit seit ihr den mit dem Spiel das ihr angekündigt hattet?
lg 🤠

Relativ weit würde ich sagen. Das Spiel funktioniert ansich, jetzt fehlt noch das Balancing, was mit viel Testen verbunden ist. Außerdem kann man sich momentan nur mit Keychain einloggen, da muss ich noch Steemconnect einbauen. Ein paar Grafiken fehlen uns auch noch. Aber alles in allem hat alles schon eine recht gute Struktur.

Greetings dear friend @thebluewin.

I believe in Steem, I see great potential! We already have a relatively big community (in Crypto). I see so many intelligent people here and a place to build so many great projects on.

These words seem to have come out of my mind. I think we share the same interests.

I also believe in this platform and in all those valuable people who continue to work and provide quality content.
With this new stage of the "tribes" I think steemit has made a great leap forward. The recovery of the value of the currency is imminent.

Since you seem to have some decent knowledge and experience, would you mind if I ask you to share your own opinion on my latest publication:

I would appreciate it greately.


Now is a great time to build a strong foundation. Just don't forget to take some profits when things turn around.

You see, the great potential and you take the risk. ;)

Hehe that image sums things up so well. I hope you hit middle of the diamond layer soon and find out what else is down there.

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WOW nice picture :D
It show how much one risk going to far and possibly find how far one can go!

Congratulations on the big 20k. I'm slowly closing in on 5 and looking forward to being a dolphin. I do wish we could get steem on a mainstream exchange rather than having to flip other crypto for it. Its only a little change, but once that happens, I can see more money flooding in to steem.

Thank you. Reaching the goal of being a dolphin feels great, I remember that moment when I managed to get it.
Yeah I think it will happen at some point and it will make a huge difference.

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I keep powering up too. I see some real potential here with the way things are changing now. It does get to be exciting when there are so many good tokens out there too.

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Great post,thank you for your support.

hi @thebluewin

But maybe I am just stupid and I see everything wrong. Of course that's possible.

I'm on the same page. Hope one day we wont feel stuipid and steem will turn our expecations into reality :)

I am just so deep into Steem that I even started two projects here.

One surely is holybread. What else are you working on? Any chance you could share?

Yours, Piotr