What first, 10k minnows, 2500 dolphins, 500 orcas?

in #steemlast year

We have not checked the user status statistics in a couple of weeks. There are some changes, but things could be better. In that period:

  • Lost 20 minnows.
  • Gained 25 dolphins, which explains the loss of minnows, but we should be gaining them anyway.
  • 3 more orcas, so we actually gained more dolphins in that time.
  • Whales unchanged.

Stats from @arcange

The elephant in the room is the approximate one million inactive accounts. A lot of those will be bots that were mass-created, but there are lots of people who signed up and got disillusioned. In some cases it is down to feeling they were being attacked. Projects like @steemflagrewards go after those who are considered to be mis-using the Steem platform for unearned rewards (and we support them in that), but others do it out of spite or just disagreement over opinion or who you are friends with. The freedom Steem offers makes it possible to do this fairly anonymously. It is a perfect platform for bullies, but they do need to build up some SP to have any impact. A few managed to do this in the early days and have hung around. A little power can be addictive. Luckily others with influence will counter some of this.

If you want to do well on Steem it is best to take the long view and work on building a following. It is work as you have to be commenting and voting carefully. There will probably be others out there who share your interests. We hope the pending communities functionality will make it easier to find them.

This account exists to support small accounts who are working towards being a minnow and beyond. We can only give a few cents per vote, but others follow what we do to increase that. We thank them for their support.

Steem on!


We aren't marketing and we aren't onboarding. Also there is very little motive I can see for Redfish and Minnows to do anything but post.

Most are not content creators and they also can not earn much in the way of curation. Not sure what we think the attraction would be.

I know, but some will be creators. We have to find some way that this thing can actually work. It can only ever be a minority who make big money, but then billions use Twitter and Facebook for no reward. At least they can make something here, but they won't come without content and influencers want an audience. This is why we need pioneers. You have to start somewhere. Encourage those pioneers who are already here. There's some really good content here, but the usual suspects get the votes. Greed could kill the dream.