Vacancies for TenKMinnows support

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I have reviewed the list of accounts we support. Some are inactive and others are now way beyond becoming a minnow. We want to help people build their accounts. Ideally we want to get them up to minnow level (500SP+).

We welcome nominations. You cannot nominate yourself. Candidates must

  • have less than 300SP
  • be posting non-spam content
  • must not be buying votes or powering down

This account can add a few cents to a post, but you only get that on up to two posts per day. Other people follow the voting trail, so it can add up. The list will be reviewed at indeterminate intervals.

Steem on!


Still fairly new to posting, but looking promising: @bia.birch

Someone else making a slow start, but with good support is @sreypov.

Thanks for giving @Sreypov a shoutout. She's got lots of posts and ideas in the works. Also we've got our daughters the @KidSisters with their own Steem blog too. I keep 25 SP delegated to TenkMinnows and hope to up it soon in the new year.

Thank you @minismallholding! I appreciate your support! All advice and tips or tricks are welcomed 🌱

Always a pleasure to lend what help I can.

Thank you to all the support you gave me when I was a minnow! I'll follow your curation trail so it will give a little boost to whoever you vote and grow their account - what's the recommended %? How often do you upvote per day? (don't want to shred VP either :)

Oh and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for your support. It's up to you what percentage to use, but the trail tool generally let you set limits on how often you vote. This account is supporting over 20 people, but some do not post much. We generally do not upvote a given account more than twice per day.

Merry Christmas to you too!

OK cool, I'll set some parameters up in steemrewarding and start following 🙂

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