More than one way to earn on Steem, even for small accounts

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The best known ways to earn from Steem are:

  • Post rewards. This relies on people voting up your posts. When you are starting out it can be hard to get noticed. More on this below...
  • Curation rewards. This is pretty irrelevant to new accounts with just a few SP as you cannot give a big enough vote to make much.

Here are some other ways you could be earning:

  • Comment rewards. Comments tend to make a lot less than posts as they are seen by fewer people, but they can make you something. You need to look for bigger accounts who tend to vote up comments. The quality of the comments is very important. Saying 'Nice post' is very unlikely to get you anything, but adding to the conversation is generally appreciated, especially if they are not getting that many comments generally. Being genuine rather than just fishing for votes can help.
  • Contests. There are lots of these on Steem. Some involve doing a particular sort of post, but others may involve answering questions. Check the #contest tag.
  • Gambling. This is not my thing, but there are various gambling apps built on Steem. You will probably have to bet some of your Steem, but it seems to pay off for some people.
  • Games. With something like Splinterlands there is an initial cost to get started, but if you have the time to play you can win cards with real value. There are tournaments with good prizes to be won.

When it comes to posts you need to think about what has value to others. Of course you can post your daily steps on @Actifit to get their vote, but that may not be so interesting to others. Likewise with your selfies, although of course platforms like Instagram thrive on that and @Appics aim to do that on Steem. It is key to build your audience. This is where commenting also has value. Find people who share your interests and comment on their posts. They may opt to follow you.

Steem communities are still in beta, but they have great potential to bring like-minded people together. You will be able to follow a topic rather than just individuals to get the content you are into. You need to make Steem fun, especially in the early days when you are not earning much, so you want your feed to be full of things you will actually like.

I am posting these suggestions as we see a lot of people getting off to a bad start. They may pump out lots of low quality posts that get no attention or resort to buying votes. The latter is just not a good strategy these days and it may get you downvoted as people want more real curation now.

Let us know what other suggestions you have for new users to start earning. The best ones will get a nice vote.

I will include an update on the progress on growing the Steem community. We are seeing very little growth in minnows, but dolphins have gone up a lot more this year. Maybe we should change the project name to TenKDolphins as it will happen sooner than that many minnows at the current rates.

Stats from @arcange

This account will keep on voting for smaller accounts. It has some delegations and people following the trail to give it more impact. The list will be reviewed, so there may be openings for new people soon. Stay tuned.

Steem on and happy Christmas!


@arcange graph has a logarithmic scale which distorts the picture. Especially stacking active accounts on top of inactive accounts.

Still, the amount of inactive accounts is frightening. Steem can't continue like this.

Well the whales would not even show up on a linear scale. I think a lot of the inactive accounts were mass-created by various people. Still, we cannot afford to lose so many real folk. A higher Steem price may bring some back, but getting a better distribution of rewards to good content would help. There are still a lot of people just looking out for themselves and their close friends. We do what we can to help.

Putting active and inactive accounts side by side would make easier to read. Or putting active to at the bottom and inactive at the top.

BTW, this is probably the most damming statistic:

The loss of authors is killing Steem.

I know a lot of people just automate their voting for profit, but some of us enjoy the interaction. Just need to encourage more people to do that on Steem. Billions do it for nothing on other platforms.

Don't forget choosing tags judiciously to garner those tribe votes. Sell the tribe tokens for STEEM.

Oh, of course! Tribes are doing some of what communities could offer, but they may be able to keep running alongside each other.

It is difficult to attract attention to whales while I am not good writer. I think need more helps fron others

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There are only a few whales, but look for people who share your interests. There must be others out there who speak your language, so leave them comments. Be social!