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To start things off, I would like to take this moment to celebrate the 500 followers milestone before Justin Sun could delete them.

It has been almost 2 years since I left ThemTube due to their monetization requirement changes in favour of Steem & DTube. I had to start from scratch (unless some of you who are reading this have followed me on ThemTube when this Steem account didn't exist) after abandoning my 327 subscribers (at that time) ThemTube channel.

This would not be possible without all of your support throughout my entire 2-year Steem journey. So a huge thank you to all of you who smashed that follow button.

Screw the FUD

In the last few days, there has been a constant flow of posts talking about the STEEMTRON thing, and whether will the Steem mainnet continue to exist or will the contents of this chain be deleted/moved to TRON.

Based on the information we have right now, including the discussion in meetings, interviews, statements and more, the long term future of this chain is still uncertain. SBDs and vested SP were not mentioned anywhere at all.

3 days ago, the price of STEEM plummeted -18%, and everyone said that this was due to the uncertainty of the acquisition, but it was just altcoins falling in general. So I picked up some STEEM (bought the dip 😝) and it has been sitting in my wallet for the 3 days:

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Hopefully the screenshot above makes you feel better, rather than hearing everyone powering down and selling. (Check my wallet to verify that it's still there)

I do not expect STEEM to get back to a top 3 coin due to the fact that there are way more competing tokens out there that it was. However, I think this whole thing is good for the price, which I don't want to talk about as someone already did the exact same thing here.

All we need to do is to get the real facts out there as there is a lot of misinfomation regarding the Steem ecosystem on the mainstream crypto media.

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C++ infographic created by me. Feel free to use this where applicable.

That is the most common misconception regarding Steem and Steemit Inc. Even I myself got this wrong on my first few months on Steem 🤦‍♂️



Right on brother! I have been watching for further info and have come to the conclusion that Justin couldn’t do much worse than Ned without things being completely obvious... 🤞

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