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@arcange, who is happily partying in Thailand at SteemFest4 without me, runs and some of the apps of SteemFest. Steemitboard leaves comments all over the chain when people reach various milestones on the road of Steem life and while these come thick and fast for a new account, The gaps to some milestones can get a bit further apart.

The one I got tonight is a pretty solid milestone point:


25,000 comments. I have been on the Steem blockchain for 1,012 days, which means that in that time and considering I had a pretty slow start, I have averaged 24.7 comments a day.


@arcange also operates which gives some other stats and with 25,000 comments, that ranks me 129th by comments. Nice post!

Not bad for no automation, I am no @abh12345 though:


While above me are often bots or accounts with some degree of automation, there are also some very active real Steemians who spend a massive amount of time engaging on the platform, which is awesome.

But, since I was at the ranking site I thought I would click through some of the range and see how I rank on other factors too.

Reputation: 31
No. of posts: 170
Replies: 71
Upvotes given: 554
Upvotes received: 41
Payouts (ocdb skewed): 75
Resteemed: 106
Steem Power: 326

I figure that this is a pretty good set of results with no automation (until a handful of votes the last couple weeks) and I am pretty happy with the progress. The @ocdb skew affects payouts and reputation of course, but it was part of the process that has helped improve the chain as a whole and has had a dramatic effect post hardfork on changing behaviors. I am glad they have done what they have done, and happy to have supported it with this very intention from the start.

I like having the numeric feedback, it is part of the gamification of Steem for me and while I don't work for the numbers, I do like seeing them come in from time to time. One of the ones that does affect my decisions on the blockchain however are these ones:


The first one has sat at 288 for a long time as it is the number of times I have written 4 posts in a single day. The reason it has sat there isn't because I am getting lazy as I can do it easily and still maintain quality, it is because I don't want anyone to think I am raping autovotes or the reward pool and since I get relatively well rewarded, I have slowed down.

However, the second one is more important to me as it is the weekly author reward, meaning that for the 144 weeks I have been on the Steem blockchain, I have published a top level post every day of the week 136 times. The last time I didn't publish a post on a day was sometime back in mid-2017, except if the chain was down during a hardfuckfork.

And while I have misssed posting daily on 8 weeks, I think the last badge explains where that happened as out of the 33 months I have been on Steem, I have posted every day of the month on 30 occasions. The days I have missed have all been in the space of 3 months, and they are obviously all pre-mid-2017, the last time I missed a day.

Granted, none of these numbers really mean anything to you perhaps except for those who have received comments or votes from me, but they do help me stay interested in Steem as they add another layer to the experience. While the numbers themselves are meaningless, I am the only one who knows what went into reaching them - the chain doesn't record everything.

There is an opportunity cost to every action and every action requires some level of energy expenditure. None can ever see or understand what it has taken to get me to this point (Block 37,974,572) on the Steem blockchain, but I know that there are a few out there who have an inkling of an idea as they have done similar or my wife, who has lived alongside me all of this time. She really hopes the sacrifices made will be worth it, but like a Steem friend said to her whilst visiting, "there are worse hobbies to have".

I wonder if I will ever fill the board:


Unlikely, but regardless of the conditions on the platform or the outcomes I get, I have a bit of Steem left in my yet, and I intend to power it up.

How are your Steem-life numbers?

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You are steadily catching me on the comments, i have been far from my old active self of late but perhaps will have a bit more time over the next couple of weeks.

You deserve a bull run :)

I have slowed down of late too, but I am starting to get to a few of the posts I read at least. I read a lot more than I comment on unfortunately, but I try to vote on them at least :)

I have only 10,027 comments excluding this one. Shit, I need to write a bot to spray the comment sections with some more. :)

I need to write a bot to spray the comment sections with some more.

That is what many of them around and up from this point are :)

I’ve been really slack on other posts and really slack on everything really, apart from 1000s votes a week 😃

I figure at some point, I am going to have to automate more - unless Steem goes boom and I can live solely off curation :)

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That's some good comment action! :0D




The daily/weekly/monthly author is something that's never going to progress for me XD (the daily one did for a while when I attempted daily posting before dropkicking it as too stressful).

That's a decent bunch of numbers you got there XD

(the daily one did for a while when I attempted daily posting before dropkicking it as too stressful).

I think know the stress comes from not missing a day. I find it pretty easy to post, but then I can freewrite a lot :) I am hoping that in time and through applications it becomes more diverse in content structure so I can play a bit more.

Congratulations on your milestone @tarazkp !
Your consistency and productivity are evident to those who follow you, so these achievements are no surprise, but no less deserved. I hope to hit those marks myself one day. Peace, good health and never ending ink I wish for you.
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