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I have said it often enough over the last 3 years here on Steem that, the more you learn, the more you earn, but this isn't Steem exclusive, it is the way of the world. Learning doesn't require a high IQ, luckily for me.

When it comes to learning for earning, future trends need to be taken into consideration and at least one of those is likely to be blockchain and tokenization of experience, as we already see inroads being made in both of these areas. Blockchains track the tokens, the tokens carry the value. And this is where the ownership comes into play, as the tracked tokens can be verified to a particular owner across time and space.

The earning component is through the activity and the perception of value. While some people will argue that digital currency has no value as it is not "real", consider that much of the value of a car isn't down to its ability to go from point A to B as if it was - any car would do. In a social community such as Steem, this is a crucial point to remember, status matters. The entire social network framework leverages forms of ego to attract attention and to make people feel that what they are doing and viewing is important. It is a massive earner - for the owners of the network.

And now, this is when the ownership value of STEEM steps in, as instead of the value generated going to a very high and narrow pin point well outside of the reach of the user base, the economic mechanisms of the Steem blockchain allow for value to be distributed across the users and to holders of the token through various reward streams. This encourages increasing ownership, and since the value is brought in through the community attention, also increasingly encourages using that ownership to expand the network of users.

With the rapid speed of change that the world is going through by way of employment, government and economic collapse, the earner of the future is going to have to have an understanding about how to attract earning potential. Couple this with blockchain and tokens and that aligns to the development of social networks that carry and distribute value across them from user to user in various ways - Steem is already doing this.

While the entire blockchain and token industry is in its infancy, there is a great deal of unlearning that needs to take place to create the paradigm shift to learn anew. Steem offers an ecosystem of a very broad variety of users across the globe and all are adding their voice to the conversation that is creating the trends of the future.

An investor only has so many opportunities in a lifetime to be at the forefront of a burgeoning industry ripe for investment, and even fewer opportunities to be a voice that can provide active direction from within the industry. For the early investor it may be considered a leap of faith, but looking back - calculated brilliance.

Earn as you Learn, Own the network.

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Im still bewildered that my friends and family cant see the value in crypto. Im forced to go it alone I guess.

Later they will blame you for not having convinced the strongly enough :D

There are plenty of people who tried to get others into BTC early on and failed, then got blamed later.

I cant wait to rub it in their face in a few years 🤣

No point. Move on and enjoy life instead.

It will be fun though lol

What would be fun for me is spending time with people who are enjoying their lives, not those who are regretting theirs.


Robert Kiyosaki says it in the reverse way earn to learn but even in my atrempt to do it that way I have been left lacking knowledge to run my own shop. I can run a register and do accounting but displays and other attention atracting methods escape me.

I can run a register and do accounting but displays and other attention atracting methods escape me.

Part of the challenge in an ecosystem like this at this time is that a lot of it has to be done alone, meaning that it is hard to have all the necessary skills. As the industry matures, more of it will become professional in a sense, more collaborative.

However, the trick is like for all areas, find what you are good at and then find how you can use it the best. It is not the size of the resources, t is how you use them.

Interestingly, Robert Kiyosaki is on Steem, but has only ever posted once.


Wow. I wonder what his purpose for joining was if he has yet to post.

Go to School, get a job, pay your taxes....

Not Robert. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Lol i read the book, that was a quote from Robert. He was joking about everyone being brainwashed.

...guess i missed that tidbit. 😂

Perhaps just to see what it was about and perhaps quit because he didn't get traction immediately. It is common for those who are used to have followings washing out of Steem fast. It takes work for everyone.

Pity, because I think he would have put together a decent blog.

Absolutely. Lets visit him on twitter and bring him back to steem. Maybe if we have someone like him, steem will gain more users.

Nice find :)

I think it was @mattclarke who pointed it out originally.

Nice! Wonder if he has alt account heavily invested in steem.

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I would predict not, but who knows.

You're right. The one learn crypto currency the more one get to know and earn it

Im so interested now with this!

Congratulations @tarazkp!
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The question is why there is always an obsession with 'more'. When does more become 'enough'?
Learn because you want to....never chase the money, always follow the passion.
The only thing anyone needs to own are their tools for contentment and happiness.

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Learning itself is a process of addition, no matter what is learnt. The quest for knowledge can be its own form of greed and depending how it is approached, quite harmful.

The only thing anyone needs to own are their tools for contentment and happiness.

Which is hoping to be different for everyone or, identical for everyone. Either way, it is an unknown and requires learning to understand - more.

Passion often leads to violence. Never chase.

We definitely live in a knowledge economy where you earn based on mental skills and value added. I totally agree with you, the more you know, the more you can earn. In a summarized sense, keeping what you earn is just called is just "working for yourself."

I find that those who work for themselves, more often than not, end up helping and supporting others along the way.

Wow! So good

"For the early investor it may be considered a leap of faith, but looking back - calculated brilliance."
Wow.... very, very nice... Thank you for this post. DAMN that was a nice last line. I may have to use it in the future, but I'll make sure to quote you on it. Beautiful.