For those getting downvoted by dust

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You might want to, but instead don't.

Don't give a fuck.


@krazzytrukker left a comment asking about the stream of downvotes he was getting on his posts and even without having a look, I knew what to expect. He has however taken it pretty personally and has decided to stop posting, so I decided to have a look at what the downvotes were.

They look like this

There are about 20 downvoters in that stream howver, none of them have over 15 SP, which is the standard "startup" delegation provided when getting an account straight through Steem. Combined, they have about 300 SP and since they are voting at 10%, it is the equivalent of getting a 100% downvote from a 300 SP account - which has a value of 0.002 cents.

As said,

Don't give a fuck.

And, while I have no idea why @krazzytrukker has attracted the attention of such a useless downvoting ring, he isn't alone.



Don't give a fuck.

On pretty much all content-based platforms like YouTube and Reddit, there is the ability to downvote and on Reddit for example, 10% of votes cast are negative - on Steem it is something like 1%.

After a quick look through, most of these accounts are made in the last month, all have one shitty post from a range of languages that look to be google translated. Likely just hoping for some kind of vote. Who knows, who cares...

Pretty much all look like this:

And haven't added any Steem to their account...

Don't give a fuck.


However, remember that while currently these accounts are getting 15 Steem Power as a startup so they can have bandwidth to transact on the blockchain, soon they will only be getting the Resource Credits that allow this. That means that they will have absolutely zero voting power other than "symbolic" as RCs hold no voting weight at all.

While it might not feel good to get downvoted, this is a stake based system and everyone can vote as they choose with impunity. However, there is essentially zero harm done by these kinds of accounts so, get used to it as if onboarding takes place through the applications with RCs, this might get much more common in the future.

In that future, downvoting gets quite normalized and opinion based as for most users it will not take anything away from the account itself as consumers might not have a great deal of voting power and rather use them to express preference. That means "staked voting" will be used for adding value to posts and fighting abuse of other stake, pretty much what most of it is used for now if considering the vests that are doing the downvoting.

Anyway, these "downvoting trails" that have essentially no control over anything other than emotions from downvoting should just be ignored completely. So...

Don't give a fuck.


But even if the downvotes are coming from larger accounts, just keep doing what you are doing, don't take it personally, and still remember that this is the internet so...

Don't give a fuck.


I hope it is clear enough what my suggestion is.

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Amen. Have noticed a bunch of these lately, possibly just bots?

Yeah, a "pointlessbot" network.

That is what I thought a hot or someone set up this trail. . I doubt you start immediately downvoting if you just join.

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I too get few down votes from these so called dust accounts, may be they are doing it intentionally to draw some attention, but who cares !!

Draw attention or feel like they have some power. Regardless, they are useless.

I don't give a fuck.
However I have 4 solutions for people who do. 1 to 3 require hardfork. 4 is a front end solution

1 no free downvotes unless 500 sp
2 no free downvotes unless 50 rep
3 no free downvotes unless active post or comment

4 hide dust downvotes and upvotes entirely worth less than 0.005sbd or 0.01steem, can view if you click details or change settings.

If it gets out of hand we can make something like dust bunny to help people get over their -0.001 or whatever it adds up to

Make downvotes cost far more RC.

This is another Hardfork necessary option, but I like it!

Oooh. This is interesting.


Option 5. Have their delegations pulled. I thought there was a list somewhere for removing networks who are trying abuse the faucet.

Won't matter for the new accounts to come as they will get RCs only

I thought they were supposed to stop giving out 20 SP or whatever it is to new accounts now that RC exists, but I guess pulling the delegations makes sense, although it would probably be a full-time job.
Maybe they can just have it automatic, if you are voting at less than 25% (something noobs with 20SP probably shouldn't be doing) or do a single downvote you lost it.

  • Make more downvotes then upvotes.
  • Make downvotes but haven't made a posting for 7 days.

There are so many ways dust accounts selected. And why not cut there SP and RC delegation? Force the owner to buy steem in order to reactivate the account?

I think getting to tough on it immediately is not a problem. Cutting the SP delegation is a great idea. Also making Downvotes cost a lot more RC is also a good idea. Make it difficult for accounts with low SP to do this sort of thing. Right now it's too difficult to figure out who is doing it.

What would be the point of downvoting old posts? I have a dipshit whale down voting posts I made 3, 4, 5 months ago. What is the point of that?

No idea. Better than open posts?

Yes better. But what a waste of time and resources.

Totally Agree! Be yourself, do not plagiarize, do not rant over much, share upvotes and Enjoy this is Great place to be.

Liked Voted and Resteemed

People should have more fun doing as they please.

We should be alarmed as this is organised. Most of this accounts are free and fake accounts which are automatically created. How many accounts can one bot create in a day? Ten? Hundred ? Together with 15 SP for each account and some Steem for those shitty intro-posts which are funded too. So such a bot can make 150 SP or 1500 SP a day or even more together with 10 or 100 Steem and I have seen such bots accumulating and transferring power on .

this is a stake based system and everyone can vote as they choose with impunity.

as a stake based system, @steem is the one then that is actually behind those down vote accounts. @steem is down voting all those people as the stake belongs to them, not to the person or account doing the down voting, @steem is the one doing the down voting through proxy. @steem could at any time remove the delegated SP to those accounts. Those accounts add nothing to the steem eco system, not even in returning over rewarded payouts to the reward pool. @steem is enabling the internal destruction of steem as a social interaction site. Most people have absolutely no problem with real accounts down voting them, they can return the favor, or have a conversation with those account holders. You can not hold a conversation with @steem or any of @steem's down vote patrol.

So instead of telling @krazzytrukker to not give a fk, perhaps a better place to resolve this issue would be to tell @steem to start giving a fk about the users of steem block chain. Those 15 delegated SP accounts are most likely external forces trying to show the users of their system how screwed-up the steem block chain is and see what happens when there is no central authority type to take control.

Where were all the call to tell people to not give a f**k about all the down votes from @berniesanders, or @haejin, or any of the other larger or mid sized down votes?

While it might not feel good to get downvoted, this is a stake based system and everyone can vote as they choose with impunity.

There has been lots of calls for flag wars to stop, Why all the previous calls to end the flag wars if the the above is true and should be accepted by one and all big and small.

These 15 SP accounts are @steem proxy down votes, because the owner of that account has not pulled the delegations. The delegations to new accounts is so they can interact and begin building their stake so they do not need to keep relying on the Stake from @steem. These 15 SP accounts have done nothing to build their ability to interact on the Steem Block Chain.

I USED to give a fuck about dusty downvotes, but some folks who give a fuck about how things REALLY fucking work explained to me, on my fucking post complaining about downvotes, what was going on (nuthin'), and I said, "Oh." Now, I DON'T give a fuck no more. (In other words, I fuckin' agree with you, although you might not give a fuck if I agree with you or not.) Cheers!

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lols, yeah, I read your comment but, the jury is out if I GAF or not.

I think through a little bit of understanding and background, the emotional response disappears from downvotes.

It makes me want to say "grow a pair", but having a mean tone to it, I'd go with the therapist advice of "maybe you should work on your emotional resilience", but sense this is internet, such advice I expect people only getting angry over.

Better not give a fuck.

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If not having been around Steem much, the lack of explanation can seem weird. The other thing is that I think he is using Partiko, which doesn't list the ups and downs like does so it seems worse than it is.

i really don't give a fk what your suggestion is :)

You get it.

it does add to the amount of voters you have on a given post. that's gotta be a positive

Always finding the positives Micheal! :D

More ways to justify his downvoting :D

Can you cover dust memos in your next post please?

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Do you mean the 0.001 ones? I would like there to be a much higher RC cost on sending memos as they don't really need to be sent often by normal people.

Yes and ones that are a bit higher than that too.

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At work, except there is no work.

fken trolls hahaha, here have a vote

where did you guys go? positive you where here a minute ago lol

Silenced by a Lego man, I am in tears :((

I think on partiko it doesn't. I don't use partiko though.

It used to be that a DV removed one from the count, didn't it?

Meh. Who cares.

It’s called “Report” on Partiko.

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ok, thanks. Aren't Partiko devs Ded?

No idea. The app still works so I use it. Their witness has been a zombie for ages though. So many people voting for inactive witnesses still.

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For people who don't have any interest in the technicalities of this platform and just keep on posting, these downvotes might hurt their feelings but for those who are in the know, they are a simple fact of life.

I am looking forward to the point they are normalised

I don't give a fuck.

I know.

The guitar sounds a bit like AC/DC Thunderstruck.

Yes indeed. Not sure but I think those bands worked together on that.

They don’t realize but they are hardening the community overall to this nonsense.


HTFU should be mentioned in the white paper

It is annoying, like that mosquito that keeps buzzing in your ear...
But I don't let it get to me .... too much :D

Not worth the effort to worry about, but that might be easier for those who have been around here a while.


This is really good advice. It can really mess with your head if you let it. The worst thing you can do is give trolls any sort of credence. Once you decide to stop posting, they think that they've won, but they haven't.

I've had critics and haters on this platform before, but these people (with a few exceptions) are either no longer on the platform or if they are, they aren't producing content.

Keep on posting regardless.

I've been getting a number of dust downvotes of late, couldn't really be phased by it! If only it were real people downvoting and providing some sort of feedback as to why I would actually appreciate that

I can come and downvote you soon. :P

Yeah, it is more annoying, but like I said to @celestal a moment ago, I think he is using Partiko so the UI separates the Up/Downs and doesn't care much about weighting. It means that visually, a nothing downvote looks the same as a massive upvote.

Indeed! sometimes, it just gets into your nerves especially when you tried researching for a post and they leave shitty comments. I do not want people to agree with me all the time. But, I wanted them to be as polite and as respectful as possible. NO CHARACTER ASSASSINATION please.

This is the internet, character assassination is all that some people have in their toolbox. Lame.

yeah. We can't really blame them. But they won't last that long in any network because everyone will view them suspiciously all the time.

Most trolls never last long in any community as they all get tiresome very fast.

I don’t give a flying eff but people really should... but mostly about the realization that rewards are the community’s and that maybe their content just isn’t as valuable as they think.

Understanding that your post isn’t worth more than when written on paper and stuck on a tree somewhere in a forest makes not giving a flying eff about a downvote much easier.

As long as a post is active... the rewards aren’t yours and merely a bonus. Get over it.

Not letting emotion drive a decision [to leave] is also so much... less dramatic.

I don't think the complaint here is about the value, but people see it as "criticism" without recognizing who is doing the criticizing.

People get so easily offended by a downvote. IMHO if they didn’t think their own content were that amazing that it deserved rewards... they would get less emotional about a downvote.

What’s the root of the hurt?

What’s the root of the hurt?

The root of the hurt is; that if these downvotes were not granted so BLINDLY by illiterate accounts (with a preconceived stupid agenda) who won't READ a single shit regardless their DVs comes from 'dust' or not... then, these would 'hurt' a little less I reckon. ;p

For some it is the "loss" for others the "judgement". Either way, it is emotional positioning with the opinions of others.

^ said each stoic.

Ha ha, Fuck

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Don’t you get it?

I gave a fuck (to you)!

Here have another one:


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I didn’t give a F now as much as I gave a F back then when smooth and his crew attacked in the name of “The Experience”....

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Lol. The first downvotes I ever got was from smooth and abit. I was new and had no idea about any experiment.

Yeah those 2 ! I actually remember that you were also one of their “targets” . Look at us !! We are still here and you go so strong and became important for our community! Respect!!

It was interesting as it is that experiment that led to us having much better voting power now across the community as it took away the very strong n2 curve and went linear. Now we are in a better position again with a slight curve.

It is better to get as many experiments and changes made now while there are a few thousand of us because if there are a few million, it is much more disruptive.

My apology for a short reply but yes! You are right!

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!giphy middle+finger

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Having had Jew hating anti-Israel far left and far right all over my comments on YouTube for years, it never occurred to me to be bothered by a few 0.01 downvotes!

Am I bovvered? No!

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I can't imagine you giving AF


@laputis @drugelis FYI

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What's DGAF? I'm not up with my acronyms 😝

OMG I’m so dumb. I get it now. I DGAF anyway.

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Doesn't Google's A Friend? ;D

When I get unvote I usually check that account. And I noticed that these accounts are small and with 1 post. For me upvotes are much much more important unvotes.

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Thank you for this 😊😊 I've been ignoring a few down voters already, mostly new accts with a single post.

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Yeah, don't worry about them at all.

I got a couple of dush downvotes too and just went ”lol, pathetic” and carried on with my day. I don’t really understand the point of them, would think it’s more work for who ever is doing it than the one receiving the votes, but apparently some people take it to heart.

I don’t really understand the point of them, would think it’s more work for who ever is doing it than the one receiving the votes, but apparently some people take it to heart.

Yea, ,just setting up the bot is too time consuming for me :D

Peopel take it to heart if they haven't experienced it before and most don't spend as much time exploring steem and talking with those who do as we do :)

Writing two blog posts per day, no big deal, setting up a bot, PFFFSSS I ain't got the time!

Ah :D
I get paid to write ;D
I don't find downvoting fun, but it still needs to be done.

Ever get as many downs as ups.....?

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Well I don't give a fuck :)

"I'm Peter, and I DGAF"

:) Sometimes I do indeed.

I noticed the same thing recently. All of these accounts were set up a few months ago, have a single post in Pashto, some sort of poem about love according to google translate, and they just randomly downvote for 0.000 Steem. It's not worth getting worked up over.

One posted in Swedish too :D I found that funny for some reason.

Depending on the interface, the vote values might not be obvious.

These little pissant DV accounts are just a nuisance but unfortunately it's these jerks that make Steem less attractive to new people. If you keep getting bitten by the pesky little mosquitos you'll want to move to where there are less pesky little mosquitos. Unfortunately they're probably impossible to eliminate (but them I'm not a coding geek).

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I think largely impossible and perhaps what is needed is a great many more of them so that people get used to the differences in staked voting.

This entire network would have to downvote at 100% something like 200 posts to take away the same value as one of my upvotes. And I only have 60k voting power.




I bet that baby has a tiger on a leash.

In fact I am so all in on this I took the account @babyrage.

On this platform, downvoting is almost a form of of censorship.

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No it isn't. Downvotes just limit earning on what is said.

Hey @tarazkp, to prevent them from gaining SP using their usual methods (which I won't describe), I've made a bot which guesses what accounts are camillesteemer ones. It's doing pretty well so far:

All the posts have been zeroed!

Hey, that is pretty cool. I have no idea how you create such a thing but it goes to show what is possible to predict based on heuristics.

Wow, you got the posh words out for me! I just call it a lot of if statements and a fair bit of testing! 🤣😂👍

I heard someone say it once. Did I use it correctly? ;D

Uhhh... idk 😂

So what if you get downvoted by someone like this (as one of my friends was hit several times, wiping out most of her upvotes): - this is no dustbunny .....

Welcome to the village bro, the village idiot has you in his sights now.

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 16.34.51.png

:D yeah.
~80 dollars worth gone in 60 seconds. :D

Hahaha crazy eh. How does he get the time? He's supposed to be this big crypto coach out there on the Internet. :)

It shows how easy Steeming can be ;D

Hmmm... I'm not sure if you are clear on your advice? Should I be giving a fuck?