Power-Down Proposals Are Only Complicating Things

in steem •  2 months ago 


The team behind them cane up with a new proposal where they are thinking about user selected power-down time. Users will be able to choose a power-down period and if they choose a bigger time period, they will earn more inflation rewards.

I think this is only complicating things. We had two proposals earlier, one was in favor of the 4-week power-down period and the other was against it. The former got votes worth 20 million sp while the latter got around 17 million sp. We clearly had a winner but nearly 45% of the people would have been disappointed by the decision had been taken on the basis of total sp backing them.

The new proposal isn't satisfying in my opinion. We need some better alternative but there is no rush in doing so. We can wait till smts are launched.

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