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RE: The Steem and Sun Debacle

in #steemlast year

I like your common sense perspective. However, have you done a deep dive on Sun's projects? You will find censorship and an authoritarian rule. I am in the Tron ecosystem and have been using it. Binance basically controls that chain. They have only one block explorer. It's pretty much centralized control. I didn't realize the extent of this including censorship on Dlive until i began researching. It's worth looking into. What i found made my stomach turn. Sun, is a dictator. He will destroy any aspect of decentralization on this platform.


Hi there! Thanks. I agree. After watching how Sun has behaved and his constant lying about the devs and witnesses, what I feared has been confirmed. He's going for an all out takeover. I still think that he needs to be allowed to do with his own stake what he will but this exchange fiasco needs to be resolved and investigated. I think he needs to be investigated as well for lying to the exchanges. It's fraud.