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RE: Thinking Out Loud #4 - are we forgetting the fun on Steem?

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It has to be fun for me. I've got other things to do and Steem is not paying me a huge amount. I've made a lot of friends here and I enjoy their posts. I don't actually have time to read them all out listen to all the music or watch all the videos I'd like to. I also believe that Steem can be something amazing for the world of it takes off and I want to help that happen.

The Alexa rank still seems wrong as is still not showing some of the countries where we know Steemit should be doing well.

It's encouraging that some people are coming back to Steem after months away and I'm seeing more reach minnow status. We need a good core of users to keep it going through the tough times.

I hope Steemfest brings some good news and gives things a boost.


It is encouraging when old timers that had drifted away pop up again. Like meeting old friends unexpectedly in the street...

It would be great to get some more official, more reliable stats - Alexa and Hypestat are a little in the realm of second hand gossip.

I believe the Steemit Inc team are going to do some big reveals on Communities etc at SteemFest so I will be watching the livestreams as much as a I can.