Follow Friday: Grounds for optimism

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The News

Things have been looking up for Steem recently. The Steem price is well up on the start of the year, but that may be a general trend amongst the 'alts' as it is not really rising in the crypto charts. Steem dapps are doing pretty well on @stateofthedapps with new game @Holybread storming up. I have not found time to try it yet.


I have been playing some @Steemmonsters (aka Spliterlands) and see the rewards have changed from just cards to a mix of cards, potions and DEC tokens. We will have to see how that goes down amongst players. I find it fun anyway.

You can get daily Steem news from @pennsif who has put out 250 bulletins so far.

Getting and keeping new Steemians

I have recruited a fair few people to Steem over the years. Some of them stick with it, but others give up or never even post. I put out some questions about this via Facebook. One said he has yet to get to grips with what is involved. Steem is more complex than other social platforms, but some of that is inevitable given its decentralised nature. We have to coach newbies and ease them into our community. People need to find a niche that fits them. Guide them towards those they would enjoy engaging with. It is supposed to be social after all.

Another person said he has not been at his PC so much and posting from a phone is not as good an experience. We do have a few mobile apps, but Partiko is not being developed. I use @esteemapp, but I used to use Steemit in my phone browser. It depends on what sort of user experience you can handle. A large proportion of the global online users only have a smartphone to use, so Steem needs to be usable for all of them.

We desperately need the new users who will create compelling content. We cannot afford to drive them away or let them drift away.

The Doghouse

I did a separate post on some 'leeches' so will skip this today.

Follow Friday

I have no idea how many of these posts I have done now, but it must be well over 100. A few other people have done posts with #FollowFriday, but not for long. I do see one person using it, but it does not seem relevant to their health posts.

  • My good friend @slobberchops has been trying to get people from the 'urbex' (urban exploration) community onto Steem. These adventurous people like to get into old buildings to see what they can find. @grindle is one of them and just did his first post about a former Nazi school that was taken over by the Soviets after the war. Some great pictures. I hope he has lots more to share with us.
  • @rootdraws responded to my last post with his own on 'Selfishness on Steem'. We need to talk about the issues of the platform. He is an 'erotic graphic novel artist' with a cool style. His work will not be to every taste, but we want something for everyone. He lacks followers, but is getting some support from OCD and other curation projects.
  • A different comic style is by good old (he's not that old) @adetorrent who has been giving us the adventures of superhero Steeman.
  • I have seen a few people return to Steem after a long time away. One of these is @tabea. She does 'Steempearl' posts which are a little like #FollowFriday, but she features five people posting on different themes.
  • I have mentioned @northwestnomad before, but he still has only 68 followers. He is pumping out cool, geeky comics a couple of times each week and we all need some comics in our lives. Show him some love!

There are lots of under-appreciated posts out there. Be sure to seek them out and show some support. People really appreciate getting some comments as well as votes. Do not just vote to maximise your own curation rewards as that tends to favour a limited set of users. Spread the joy and we can help keep people interested in Steem.

Steem on!


Wow, thank you for mentioning me! I like your #followfriday cause it's really hard to find the gems out here and it's good to have recommendations on good blogger :) We can support each other and strengthen the platform by curating the good content.
Thank you and I will now dig a little into your older posts from #followfriday !

Cheers. I started these posts after seeing people do similar on Twitter. We don't currently have good discovery tools on Steem, so we have to do what we can. I see so many talented people who deserve a wider audience. There are some people here who are only out to make what they can and maybe support their friends, but it could be a grown-up social network with a new kind of economy where people earn good money. I do what I can to help that happen.

We don't currently have good discovery tools on Steem

That is probably the biggest bur for me. I would love to search Steemit before Google, but the search results are horrible and found many times that are not really relevant to what you are searching for.

That said, are there any projects out there to provide better search or discovery tools?

I would hope people are working on improving discovery. It should not be too hard to match people up based on common followed and/or tags used.

This project continues to grow, many people did not believe, many people have created other platforms that do not work, this is a wonder and we are strengthening our steem.

Thanks for these intro's Steve.

Some interesting new people to add to the Follow radar.

Good to see @slobberchops start to make progress bringing in the UrbEx'rs.

We need to work on migrating some communities away from centralised platforms. Those who are less keen on restrictive laws may be more open to it.

I think the biggest thing about the mobile apps is who wants to type up a 500+ word post on a phone keyboard. It is just tedious and annoying despite the quality of the apps themselves. I know there is a bit of stigma about posts that have just one picture and a little bit of text. The problem is, that is what the newer generation is used to. Now that vote buying isn't as prevalent it might be time to look past that perception and welcome the "would be influencers".

Exactly. Online culture has changed and Steem should embrace that. As long as the content is genuine and people enjoy it then why not? All those kids will just consider us 'boomers' ;)

Okay boomer... :)

Another bloke I found still has yet to post but has drafted a great intro he sent me to read. I don't want to prod him into action, he will post when ready.

He knows someone else within the community, and that always helps. Still, that's 2 more.

I find it hard work, all the questions.., 'what's with the massive passwords' was one. There's so many who are totally unaware of this world.

There needs to be a FAQ that answers such questions. We have the Welcome and FAQ, but maybe they need improvements. I think we can propose changes.

If you can get a few more of these people on-board it may start a movement. Good luck with it.

A community knowledge management system may be the answer. Something like a Wiki, which the community provides content, reviews, approves what goes in, what stays, what is retired, and what is changed. A collection of the best tutorials, posts, and other training.

Thanks for the shoutout! :)

I wish I was into games on here. I still can't get my head around Spliterlands. I'm waiting for the first shoot-em-up or Tetris-like game on here. I'd play those.

I guess blockchain favours slower moving games, but I'm sure some inventive developers could come up with something.

The whole thing doesn't have to be transacting on the blockchain. They could just use it to manage the rewards and achievements.

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