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Any steem price predictions? Will we ever get back over $5?


Will we ever get back over $5?

Yes. It all begins with focusing on less drama and more on good things. Trusting in the beauty of our creations is the key. People should finally understand how much their attention changes the outcome. It's all energy. What we focus on becomes powerful, no matter what it is.

Back in the days we all were way more focused on the way to the upside than on the downsides. Today it might feel like those were just crazy times, but in reality they were true times and Steem's capabilities weren't even as evolved as they are today.

Maybe 0.05$ only. Do you believe in SMT miracle?

Depends on the final product, if it speaks for itself then funds need to flood into marketing so we have our own little ICO run

Don't see $1.00 let alone $5 being propped up. Nothing here is pushing it ever higher without overwhelming mass adoption and fluidity.

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How do you explain our 2018 highs?


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