3-step plan to help save Steem: Extract STEEM from exchanges. Power up. Vote your witnesses.

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This is all there is to it:

  1. Extract liquid STEEM from exchanges.
  2. Power up STEEM.
  3. Vote your witnesses.


1: Extract STEEM

Especially if your STEEM (or other funds!) are on Binance, Poloniex or Huobi, as they seemed to have used customer's bought (!) STEEM to power up and vote in Justin Sun's sock puppets. You will not only have more STEEM in your wallet to power up, you will also be able to 'test' if your STEEM is actually still available for you to extract. If you don't receive your STEEM in your account immediately: ask why on Twitter. This is a potential PR nightmare for them, so let's pressure them on this topic as it really is the story that is being shared and told by many news outlets currently.

2: Power up liquid STEEM

Do it. I will do it too when I've moved some spare STEEM around. Every little bit helps. There's also lists going around with people who still have liquid funds in their wallets, and if you know one of these people try to contact them and ask them to power up as well. We need a buffer against Sun's deep pockets.

3: Vote your witnesses

I already wrote about this yesterday. You can do it on steemit.com/~witnesses, on steempeak.com/me/witnesses, on steemworld.org/@yourusername, etcetera. Also you can chose to set a proxy. This means someone else will vote witnesses for you. All you have to do is type a name of someone you trust will pick the right witnesses via steemit.com/~witnesses](https://steemit.com/~witnesses) (scroll down and fill in the name you want to proxy) or steemworld.org. Every bit helps. Tell others to vote on witnesses too.

The best witnesses to vote on are those that are NOT running 22.5 and are CLOSES to the top 20. Currently those are @themarkymark (he made it!), and @someguy123, and @blocktrades.

(And remember, this is all about the bigger picture - don't know the witness? Don't like the witness? Unvote them after we get our blockchain back. For now it's really about fighting against a common enemy.)


Check it out. We have four (!) witnesses back in the top 20. We don't know if we can keep them there. We don't know what tricks Justin Sun still has up on his sleeve. BUT I'm proud that we even made it this far. It shows the spirit of our community. People who haven't been actively transacting on Steem have started voting witnesses. It's epic. We have made ripples on Steem, but also off Steem, where people are talking about us, supporting us, writing articles about us. We're experiencing a historic event. We might not like how we got here. We might not like where we're going from here. But be part of it anyway.

Screen Shot 20200303 at 22.52.51.png

Steem ON.

(Massive thanks to @vandeberg, @andrarchy, @gerbino and @roadscape for making the hard decision they had to make and quit their jobs. If I think about that longer than one minute I start feeling the weight of a decision like that - it's a lot. By doing so you guys showed you chose Steem more than anything else. I heart all of you.)

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Everyone participating in this... ❤️

steem hero.gif

You’re pretty heroic yourself @traciyork - BIG THANK YOU for all that yiu’re doing! ♥️

I can hardly believe that it is happening. I voted for those 4 in the morning when they were below the 20th place and now they are at the top. For me it's the first real proof of the existence of the community!
Interesting and exciting times :)
(Even if this ends up badly)

Thank you for helping by voting! This is what has been happening:


A HUGE surge in witness voting over the past 2 days. It's amazing we can get so many Steemians to vote. Let's see if it keeps, we don't know how far Sun is willing to go yet.

Really impressive!
I am sure though, that more surprises are about to come...

We'll see. It's hard to keep a normal sleeping pattern right now.

Tell me about it! :D See you later sleeping and eating routines!

The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

If I hadn't already, I would be now! Simply inspiring.

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kinda easy recipe :)

Great posts... I don't even have to write my ones.. just resteem the great work. =) Will chase some accounts though to see if we can get these ones that haven't either set the "witness proxy" or voted for 20 witness at least!

\0/ Thanks for the compliments, the resteem, your comment AND for helping chase some Steemians into voting witnesses @forkyw! :D I love it when we're all fighting for our chain :-) Cheers!

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