Solominer's Steem Tips: Use your Voting Power before powering up

in steem •  9 months ago  (edited)

If your planning on powering up, use up some votes to bring your voting power down before adding more Steem to your stake. Because when you power up, it recharges some of your voting power.

Depending on how much I'm powering up. I may bring my voting power down to around 75% so when I power up I gain back some of that voting power.

If you power up while at 100% voting power, you lose the gain in voting power. When otherwise you could have made more votes.

I like to use SteemAuto to keep my voting power always below 100%

So dont let your voting power idle at 100% and when powering up, use up some of that voting power so you make the most of the power up.

Cover image was used from a @sndbox post.


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This is a good reminder. The last few times I powered up I forgot about this!

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@balticbadger thanks, yeah if you want to get the most out of it. It's a nice thing to remember.

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@solominer - I wish I would have read this before I powered up for SPUD 7 - I never really thought about it. But then I use SteemAuto to vote too so my voting power is never left at 100%. But good reminder!
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@blueeyes8960 if your power up was just a small amount compared to your currently powered up Steem then it's pretty limited in how much the voting power will recharge.

But if you were to almost double your balence or something like that then it's a good idea to use up some voting power.

Yeah steemauto is excellent, I'm a big fan of it. Great to see you here, also on publish0x.

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