The STEEM/Steemit Introduction Guide for Facebook / Reddit / Medium Users.

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Despite writing several guides on ‘How to Find your way around the STEEM Blockchain’, I have yet to produce anything for potential new people that are OUTSIDE the STEEM community.


With @acidyo recently inviting me to become a seeker of new talent, I thought it might be wise to have something for those people to read if they showed a glimmer of interest.

I will be sending this link to anyone who responds in a non-negative way to my direct messages.


For Steemians

Please feel free to use this and poke it in front of anyone who may be interested in posting or cross-posting their work on to the STEEM blockchain.

NOTE: This is for targeted bloggers, writers and photographers. We have enough shitheads, scammers and abusers on the STEEM blockchain without attracting more of them ;)

For Facebook / Medium / Reddit Users

For my real target audience, that is YOU who is reading this and thinking, 'this all looks a bit dodgy', let me put your mind at rest and persuade you that this is not a cult, scam or get rich quick scheme.

As you can see from my above comment, there is abuse and scammers on the chain. We try our best to keep them away from the genuine people and I don't mince my words when speaking about them.

When there's money involved it can bring out the worst in some.


This is not a comprehensive guide. More an enticement to what can happen if you decide to take the plunge and dare to enter the world of gaining rewards for your content.

...'I know you're up to no good, go on... admit it'...

Us humans are a peculiar lot, when something is shoved in front of us we immediately get all suspicious and think, ‘what’s he getting out of this’, and you would be correct to assume so.

Instead of rambling on, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and explain just what I’m up to.


Q: What is Steemit?

A: Steemit is a blogging platform that runs on the STEEM crypto-currency blockchain. It’s a relatively small community of maybe 6000 active users but used to be much larger.

The UK community is small, tight and consists of around 200 writers and content producers.


Q: If it was once much larger, why did so many leave?

A: The value of the STEEM coin is currently around 12c. I have seen it over $4.

...'STEEM is trading around 12c, but it wasnt always like this. If and when BitCoin goes nuts again, this picture will be radically different'...

As content is incentivized and rewarded by STEEM but perceived as $$, many people now don’t feel it’s worth their time anymore.

It's best not looked at for the money, but as a way of gaining something other than NOTHING for your creative efforts.


Q: Why did you approach me and want me to create or cross-post my content on to the STEEM blockchain?

A: I have picked you out because I feel your content is decent and ought to be rewarded. Why post on Facebook and get nothing when you can get something?


Q: OK, now my spider-senses are coming up. Why should you give me, a newbie these ‘rewards’ for just posting my images on to… what was it called? Steemit?

A: We want to encourage new talent, the core people are the same ones day after day. We want to expand the platform to the masses but only want to attract good content producers.

You were picked by hand as I figured you may have some potential. I have spotted your work on other social media sites.


Q: What do you mean rewards?

A: Just like the Bank of England issues masses of new currency on a daily basis, STEEM produces more STEEM every day.

This is called the daily reward pool and a small slice is handed to content producers every day.

...'think of the reward pool this way. It is filled with STEEM every day and empty be the end of it. STEEM is dispersed to stakeholders and content creators'...

Unlike the Bank of England, less STEEM is added to the reward pool every subsequent day. This makes it inflationary as well as deflationary.


Q: Are these rewards worth anything?

A: Yes, STEEM is a listed cryptocurrency like BitCoin. It can be traded for BitCoin which in turn can be traded for Dollars, Euros or Pounds.


Q: Why do you need me, surely it would be wise to keep all these rewards to yourself?

A: STEEM currently sits at 12c. We all want the coin to rise in value. To do this, there needs to be a buying demand for it.

If we just sit back and reap the rewards then it will stagnate. We need more people and injections of capital for it to increase. It's the laws of economics, which are Supply vs Demand.


Q: Ah, so this is a trap to get me to buy in is it?

A: No, since HF21 (I’ll spare you the technicalities but this happened in late 2019), there is a greater incentive to up-vote great content and all kinds of curation groups have sprung up.

One of them is hosting this particular on-boarding incentive.

'Curation groups are big accounts that hunt down good content and give them upvotes (thumbs up).'

...'you can escape the trap, ah but wait... there is no trap'...

This works well for the large stakeholders of the coin and also rewards people irrespective of their stake size.

To put it shortly if you can produce decent content, you will be noticed.


Q: Stakes, HF’s, it’s all getting too damn complicated.

A: It is as complicated as you want it to be. If you dig in it will overwhelm your head, best to take it easy. You don’t need to know all the technical bullshit to author your work.


Q: Can I get out once I put my foot in the door, or will I be dragged into the seedy world of crypto-currency where drug lords and criminals rule the roost?

A: Yes you can. Just do nothing and then you're out.

You can happily keep posting on Facebook while earning nothing while we all get rewards for our content and just like Facebook, if you decide to completely ignore it then nothing will happen.


Q: If this is so great why is it not mainstream already?

A: Ease of use is my best answer. It’s been around for 3 years or so, but the user interface is rather basic and can put many off. I won't advocate Steemit's search features as wonderful, more woeful.

Steempeak is an alternative user interface and has a better presentation than Steemit; both work on the STEEM blockchain.

...'many bloggers use Steempeak, it's a nicer experience and integrates a lot of STEEM's other features'...

The other reason is crypto-currency has a somewhat tarnished reputation, but we are not all druglords, weapon movers and criminals.


Q: So you’re saying I can earn money for just posting photographs?

A: Don’t mistake this for Facebook but with rewards. It's an effort for rewards-based system.

If people think you are making an effort and not posting any old crap they will give you their vote. Upvotes (thumbs up) are worth money on the STEEM blockchain, not just kudos like on Facebook.


Q: OK, so I have to work for my money or rewards?

A: If I said no, you just get it all for nothing would you still be interested?

That would make this a scam or get rich quick scheme. It’s not and working at KFC on an evening shift will earn you more.


Q: KFC is starting to sound like a good idea, why should I bother?

A: You won’t get the greasy KFC manager demanding and shouting at you, ‘get flipping that chicken you worthless peon’ every 5 minutes and can post at your leisure doing as much or as little as you like.

...'working at KFC could be a life changing opportunity, so could joining the STEEM blockchain and having nobody to answer too'...


Q: Can I get rich doing all this?, you see I already work for KFC and am getting tired of being told to ‘get flipping that chicken you worthless peon’ every 5 minutes.

A: In the short term no you can’t, this is an outlet for your creative flair. You can continue on Facebook if you like, but you may as well at least cross-post your work and get something back.

If STEEM breached $2 again, I would revise my answer. Like holding stocks, the more you have the greater the reward. STEEM can be earned, there is no requirement to 'buy in'.


Q: I still don’t get it, why should people vote my work up if I am a nobody on Steemit or the STEEM blockchain.

A: People here appreciate good content, just like you would get many likes on Facebook, you will get more upvotes on Steemit.

The more new people we get, the more the word spreads. If it spreads to 'the many' then some of them will want to invest.

I have to emphasize, this is not a must or requirement to gain any reward.


Q: Have you invested in these coins, STEEM right?

A: Yes, I have a significant stake. My desire is to raise the value of the coin (token), that way everyone wins. By attracting the right kind of people, word will spread and more will join.

I never blogged in my life before joining in March 2018. I would not even contemplate posting on a non-rewarding platform.


Q: Why bother investing, your content looks good and gains some decent money. I can see these figures at the bottom of your writing.

A: This is a stakeholder-based platform. Think stocks and dividends. I get a daily reward for being a passive stakeholder as well as rewards for my content.

Who doesn't like passive income? I don’t want to go too far into this as your brain may start to fry, there is a lot to take in.


Q: But I as a zero STEEM holder can I still get some rewards?

A: Yes, but only if the community thinks your content and work deserves some.

I picked you as I feel you may be suitable. I have not mass sent my introduction message to thousands and STEEM/Steemit is not for everyone.

OK, this is getting a little overlong and I don’t want to stretch people’s heads. The STEEM blockchain is a complex system and I won’t bullshit you, though you don’t need to look any further into it than you need too.


Below is Information regarding the type of people I am trying to attract (The Facebook Urbex Community)

I have tried to generalise this post as best as I can, though I am specifically targeting the Facebook Urbex Community with my requests.

The below content could be replaced with any genre, Music, Photography, Travel are popular ones.

I see so many great images, some with a story of what happened during the encounter. These are the people I am targeting.

...'Rock Nock Mill, top floor with plenty of rust but you won't see this image on Facebook as it's mine and I want it kept that way'...

Why should you post all these great photo images and get nothing back?

Did you know that when you upload your photos to Facebook, they become the property of Facebook.

Your blog on Steemit / STEEM will always be your property, your content and there is ZERO censorship from any centralized authority.

Posting images one by one isn’t really going to cut it. A story to accompany your Urbex encounter will go down a treat. It doesn’t have to be long, just descriptive and your own work.

There are currently TWO posters of Urbex on the STEEM blockchain; myself and @mrurbex who is a German writer.

...'@mrurbex comes up with some decent content, I have to run it via a translator as my German is non-existant besides counting from ONE to TEN'...

When I see all these posts on Facebook communities, I have to ask myself, ‘why are they uploading these and doing it all for NOTHING?

Some competition for @slobberchops (that’s me) and @mrurbex would be extremely welcome in my eyes.

There is room for many more and I for one will be supporting new people if they want to join, share their photography and write about their encounters.

If this is not enough to entice you to have a look then I will have to concede defeat. This is a recent example of how I write, I wouldn't expect you to do the same as me. Everyone has their own style.

...'like most I got busted while trying to infiltrate Camelot, the guards were cool though and let me happily snap away during my escort out'...

Accounts are now instant and cost nothing, but please contact me directly for this and I will provide signup links.

If you use Steemit, then there's either a 3-week wait, or it will cost you something. That's always been a negative factor for new signups.

It no longer is and that obstacle has now been breached. I hope to see more Urbex posts on the STEEM blockchain in the future. I don't want it all to myself.

I am contactable on Twitter here if you are seeing this outside of Facebook.



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  • Earn JSECoin buy simply creating an account and Mine while you browse here


Drooling Maniac.JPG

If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, resteem, engage me or all of these things.


Great work. Got my full support.

I will use a few parts for my speech at blockchain institute at the 24th of January in Stuttgart. There we plan to create 20 new Steemians!

Anyway, here’s a !BEER for your great job.

20 new peeps, sounds good to me!

Awesome write up! If you want to onboard fellow urbex fans, you can send them to, we have free account creation (in some cases instant, otherwise manually approved within a few hours) and we're trying to make the start easier by allowing users to use the platform with their email and password instead of their private key and use EasyEditor with reduced complexity instead of HTML or Markdown

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People don't understand this wait, we live in a world of passwords that can be reset by a centralised team. When you introduce them to STEEM its alien. I tried and failed to onboard someone yesterday.

It didn't go to plan and he didn't want to wait. Another Facebooker we failed to grab.

That's what we are trying to change, TravelFeed password can be reset

Well done. Easy and fun read. I would give it a go.

I would give it a go.

Me too, maybe.. it does look a little dodgy don't you think? ;)

Excellent and needed! resteeming it.

Thanks man, the more people that see this the better.

Nice write up. I might use this in the future. I have already been turned down and laughed at by the first person I approached. :P

Please use it, I know your involved in this too. I have had a couple of responses, neither have been negative. I needed this as a follow-up reply, though it's a little more wordy that I wanted.

I have already been turned down and laughed at by the first person I approached. :P

That's disappointing, was it your approach? I can send you my intro text if you like.

No, I don't think so. I think it was just a matter of the wrong person. I think I need to look for people that don't necessarily know too much about blockchain.

Don't let it deter you, I haven't had any positives yet but people are very suspicious of direct approaches. I don't open my front door to salesman either!

Yeah, no doubt! Continued luck!

Cool tips and written in an approachable way. Steem is a bit scary for new users and we need guides like this. I definitely recommend Steempeak as a better version of what Steemit could be. Need to use it with Steem Keychain to get access to other services.

Cool tips and written in an approachable way.

Thanks, I'm quite happy to change things if they make no sense. It's already well over 2000 words and I could write a lot more. It's whether people want to read more. I won't go into KeyChain just yet.

It seems pretty easy for an external user to understand, apart from when you first mention upvote.

It suddenly switches from splitting the reward pool to upvotes and curation groups. My tuppence worth thinks it may flow better to clarify that people upvote you just like a like on FB or IG, and that determines how the pool is split.

I needed someone external to look it over and have sent it to several FB people (not prospective bloggers), but none have responded. It's quite tough to get some of the concepts over without causing a brain haemorrhage.

EDIT: Added thumbs up and an explanation about Curation groups. I can see that would confuse!

Nice way to explain. Seems to me many complexities have been nicely translated into common language, good job.

If it was easy as Facebook to sign up can you imagine the interest? It's the ease of use that is the biggest obstacle.

People would be rushing in I think. I think Steempeak took a right approach by letting people enter as guests with Google accounts and such. It should be a standard in every Steem dapp to be able to enter as guest and comment, perhaps even make posts and get rewards that they can only claim once they have a proper Steem account.

I think Steempeak took a right approach by letting people enter as guests with Google accounts

If only they had a mobile dApp. I wonder what Steempeak is like in a browser session, it's not ideal but I could advocate that instead of eSteem which has let me down.

The thing is eSteem works for many on Android and for me on IOS.

eSteem usually works well for me, but I suppose there are more demanding people who don't settle for "usually". Steempeak mobile app would be the shit though.

Didn’t they have an app in development?

I think they said something like this during SF4

Some of the basic STEEM Stuff you put up there, I didn't even know . Great write up. Next time coming across a good content creator, I will share this.

Though, I don't get 'urbex'

I will look it up

Thanks, I thought you were quite the expert! You are at doing vLogs.., they are very slick!

Awesome, but why saying in the FAQ "Steemit"?
The steemit frontend is so lame. I would lure new users to more powerful frontends like steempeak in first place!

Yes you are right, Steempeak is infinitely better... call it old habits dying hard.. I still use Steemit.

Hey @samsonality
Me again, the guy that @freebornangel mentioned.
This post I am mentioning you in now, has some great stuff. It's not music, but just nice thing. Posted by a fellow music lover, @slobberchops). Lots of great content here in slobberchops land.


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I have a friend, he’s an UI designer and artist (painting). I tell him about steem and he interested. Next Sunday I will show him how basic steem community works (engagement, not abusing the system, curating, etc). Would be super awesome if you can provide us the link for instant signup :)

thanks in advance!

Hi man, I'll send you the link via DM on Discord. Not sure if I should post them publicly.

Perfect! Again, Thanks!

Hi, @slobberchops!

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Very clearly and accurately described, I even resteem it.

Personally, I don't have enough information about steemit opportunities and news, so thank you for the article that I will definitely use.
Best regards from the Netherlands

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