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RE: Dealing with the Steem leeches

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Every day I am flagging something or someone, not out of malice but help to steady the ship. Some are abusive and feel it's personal, but it's not.

Look at @leighscotford as someone who could have been a wanker but was not and took it all in. Now he's doing ok, I give him some support and the community see it.

I only wish some of the others would see things the same way. Most of them think were are being arseholes and are doing it for fun.

STEEM is at 21c, and now we are going to get more of these abusers trying it on. the more it increases in value.


I'm so impressed at your commitment in Steem in terms of time and the amount of money you have invested. Thanks for all you do.

We have turned a few people around who did not initially get how Steem is supposed to work, but others have no interest in the community. They can FOAD! ;)

I did have a little bite back at ya, at the time. But it all made sense to be fair. My problem was that myself and my girlfriend had a good 6 months away from steemit for various reasons. When we came back into it, all had changed. I was buying votes to get on the hot list, or trending as everybody else was at the time. But if that continued steemit would have fallen on its face. In my unprofessional opinion, giving the users the power to self govern the platform has worked so far, although It won’t work for every scenario.

Compared to many others, you took it well. Good to see you doing OK now and @bettynoir.

Haha, I saw a dapp trying to promote itself via everyone spamming screenshots in return for $2 votes.

I know, but there has to be some compromise about how much they are allowed to promote themselves from the start. Unless we can prove it's some form of circle jerk then any content is really valid for Steem. We cannot afford to drive people away even if they are not those we choose to hang out with. We need to get such projects to work with us as we can help them root out abuse of their dapps.

Oh, and obviously massive thanks for the support. Both through promoting my posts, and with the advice and help given. Both yourself and steevc have been very good towards both of us, and I am very grateful. 👍

Your welcome!