Red crypto day equals a dip buying all the way day

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Hello folks, we can see that the crypto markets are having a red day so it's a good day to buy some. Being payday for me sorta means i have to buy some. I am saving for next years holidays in bitcoin as an experiment so has to get some BTC. STEEM is sitting at under 16 cents so i felt i had to buy some of that to get some more SPI tokens. I bought 0.5 of an ETH and got around 460 STEEM which is currently stuck on the binanace exchange as withdraws are suspended, bummer. And finally i added a few quid to the silver fund which is growing nicely.

There's my 4 favourite things at the minute. Silver bullion, bitcoin, SPI tokens and STEEM in that order. You all no im a sucker for buying dipping. It the market dipped everyone, i'd buy some. I've double dipped today getting BTC and STEEM but im evening out my cost avg. Evening out the cost avg looks ood on paper but all im doing really is increasing my investment and possible losses. haha.


Yes, I bought quite a bit of steem a month or two ago, but paid 0.30 cents as I thought it could not go lower! See that you are a fan of the silver Queens Beasts, which have a bit more of a premium than buying Britannia ones but rise in value faster.

What are SPI tokens? Can you point me to an article or site . so that I can learn more.

Many thanks.

This should help you out its the discord server.

Think you will really like the idea behind SPI

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Many thanks for your reply and link.

It's much appreciated.

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Great buying opportunity indeed!!! Thanks for sharing!

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