SARGE IS SAD: Yet I still have hope!

in #steemlast year (edited)

All this shit going on regarding HF21 and a great deal of STEEM FUD. Fuck it. I ain't going anywhere. Sarge is now endorsing the following witnesses...

fyrstikken approved.png

fyrstikken approved.png

anyx approved.png

arcange approved.png

ats-witness approved.png

ausbitbank approved.png

c0ff33a approved.png

enginewitty approved.png

drakos approved.png

crimsonclad approved.png

gtg approved.png

guiltyparties approved.png

helpie approved.png

jackmiller approved.png

justyy approved.png

mahdiyari approved.png

neoxian approved.png

ocd-witness approved.png

patrice approved.png

pjau approved.png

poetsunited approved.png

quochuy approved.png

reggaemuffin approved.png

steemgigs approved.png

steemitboard approved.png

steempeak approved.png

thecryptodrive approved.png

themarkymark approved.png

ura-soul approved.png


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