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I am just here on this post for the curation rewards!

I would expect to see more and more downvotes to bring your earnings down to a more realistic level. @joshman

@cryptopie post@joshman post

NOTE:   Above are current potential rewards.

Don't get mad. I just could not resist. Just an observation. Had to leave a comment.


Haha, good one. Thanks for dropping by. You mean my post with actual engagement (72 comments), 19 reblogs, and 8 new followers? He's the number 2 author in rewards (to burnpost which is number 1), and I don't even show up in the top 500. Nice try though. I actually mentioned in the SFR discord that I thought my post was over-rewarded, where were you? Oh yeah, you left.

Screen Shot 20191117 at 7.30.14 AM.png


(update: post stats)

Ouch, knocked the white knight off the horse.

Quite frankly I would consider both of us White Knights in our own way. We can agree to disagree in a civil manner.

Enough drama on this platform and instigators. Good luck with that.

I am way to evil and sinister to bestow that title. So I rightfully disregard.
I am all about the agree to disagree.

That is okay. Made a few pennies off this post and my comment!

Hope you are having a good Sunday. Getting ready to go see what is happening at #splinterlands (farming for #spt votes in a comment, aren't I clever?)

Postscript: I am not looking for a centralized nanny system on STEEM. I just share my opinions. Plus we already have a couple of nanny systems: @steemflagrewards and @steemcleaners. Not to mention all the nuisance downvoting bots. That is enough.

Take care my friend.

Getting ready to go see what is happening at #splinterlands

That works? I should casually insert #splinterlands into every conversation then!

I am not looking for a centralized nanny system on STEEM

That's good. Try not to internalize this post, it's the culmination of many interactions. This isn't any more directed at you than you are Sgt. Snuffy.

...and you too!

I know. But a certain Jarhead's comment (yes, I can use that term as I am one {is that identity politics, lol}) has made it clear to anyone who is following this bit of Steem Drama who he is referring to.

Ah, it is what it is. Some folks see it as entertainment. I guess we are giving some of the STEEM masses what they want? So good for us!


Thank you! I did not have any in my #steemengine wallet!

Np, just please don't dump it, I'm saving those to buy ice cream for my grandkids,...

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to