Steem is slowly getting deserved attention it seems, Thanks to Justin!

in #steemlast year

This Tron thing and @justinsteemit, regardless of creating all sort of dramas, are really helping steem get better attention, something we were lacking all these years. Crypto world started to recognize us. I'm saying this because the discussion about steem is unprecedentedly huge these days.

Today my Google homepage on chrome recommended this article applauding the unity of steem community. And this is not an isolated incident that happens to me. I have been getting these recommendations for last one week.


The article says that the hostile take over by @justimsunsteemit by replacing top witnesses is resisted by the community by repositioning consensus witnesses through a large turnover in the witness voting. A thrilling story. Right?

Anyway, now people started to talk more about steem and it seems steem is on its way to get the attention it deserves. We are proving we are unique!

Steem on!


We had the top 11 a few hours back, but now we got only the top 9. @aggroed and @steempress just slipped down to 18 and 19, so I think, the fight is still going on.

Yeah.. !