What can we do to make STEEMIT more popular!!

in steem •  9 months ago  (edited)

Hi all,

Though an a relatively new comer to STEEMIT, still I have created an addiction to write regularly here.

The way the platform works, is really efficient and this shows that the future is bright.

Value of any social blogging site increases only with the audience interaction and new visitors.

I feel, it's the best time for us to get involved with STEEMIT and at the same time we should help Steemit to bring more visitors.

It well not only help STEEMIT to grow big, but also the Steem coin to increase in value.

After the introduction of different tribes, steem blockchain is even going more powerful.

So please do the following things :

  1. Write positive review in forums like beer money.

  2. Aware people about STEEMIT in platforms like Quora. As Quora has many bloggers, it will help the authors to migrate to STEEMIT.

  3. We should create awareness in Facebook, as it has really a great potential to reach new users.

  4. If anyone creates video and has a good subscribers, then they should publish videos in YouTube.

  5. Word of mouth has the best potential to get new visitors. Most importantly these users will be more loyal and authentic.

All these things will help STEEMIT to grow big easily and we all will be benefited with this.

I have done my part, please help Steemit grow and put efforts.

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