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RE: How to change your Steem Recovery Account with SteemWorld or SteemPeak

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Excellent thank you. As I understand it, a trustee will not be able to steal Steem, the main thing is that he be in touch for 30 days - right? If people trust you, can they choose you?

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If you ever need the recovery service, and you can't meet them in person then you need to be sure its someone who won't ignore you for 30 days. If your recovery partner doesn't respond within 30 days of the request, your account could be lost for good.

Trustee's can't take your funds. Please don't set me as the recovery partner, choose someone you know personally that understands the recovery process.

I have too much going on right now to offer that service reliably, sorry. I don't need that responsibility :P

Thanks for the post and detailed answer!