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Upvote Shares Level 16 Available...

in steem •  8 months ago  (edited)

Steem sent. Sponsoring @needleworkmonday. Would still like to have 2 shares reserved for me on the next levels. Thanks!

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How nice of you! Thank you very much @romeskie for participating in and supporting the #NeedleWorkMonday community :)

Thanks @romeskie

2 Shares [Share 832 & 833] have been assigned to you succesfully and your sponsorship to @needleworkmonday has been noted. You nowhave 10 shares and your voting % has been increased to 34%. 2 share are also reserved for you in the next round, you are on the auto-reservations list and can let me know at any time when you want off it. As always there is no obligation to take up reservations.