Claimed and Staked my PAL from the Airdrop and I will now Mainly be using and WeeedCash.Network

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This is my first post on! There are lots of great front-ends for Steem and more coming all the time now that @aggroed and the Steem-Engine team have made it so easy to tokenize your community.


What sets apart these new ones that @holger80, @eonwarped, and the Nitrous team are building is the ability to earn these new Scot tokens. My favorite one is obviously for cannabis content, but now will be my go to for general content.

I have actually never become much of a steady user of any of the front ends besides Steemit, but now I find myself bouncing back and forth between WeedCash and PalNet.

It is cool to be earning WEED, PAL, and STEEM all at once! This will be the first post that I have actually written on PalNet, so we will see how it goes!

Between WeedCash and PalNet, I don't really have much of a reason to go to Steemit except maybe to Steemitwallet. In fact, I go to way more than I go to my Steemitwallet, so Steemit really is finally getting replaced as my go to Steem front-end for content.

What's really cool about these front-ends, in my opinion, is that the trending pages are not decided by bidbots. There is actually a working content discovery mechanism where the stake holders are deciding what gets rewarded. This makes these trending pages actually interesting to read!

This platform will also be perfect for @freedomtribe, because we promote Life, Freedom, Truth, Love, and Happiness. Come check out our Discord I am going to encourage all the members of Freedom Tribe to check out and make it our go to platform because it is clearly in line with our values.

Peace, Abundance, Liberty, and STEEM!... and WEED!

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Decentralizing the reward pool, any way we can. :)

Is everyone moving away from the original Site now or what? Great thing it is all linked Baby!!!

@richardcrill, Hearing from you after a long time brother and WEEDCASH already on rally and with that now PALNET joined the race and it seems like both these platforms are will go head to head but positively. Stay blessed brother.

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hey I dont know how my most recent post ended up automatically in the weedcash network community do you? are all my posts going to automatically go there now because I have joined the group? im confused 🙈 I only went to the top right icon of steemit before posting, i didn't click 'new post' in the community so I have no idea what can I take it out or switch the community do you know? is that poss?

That is very strange! I cannot imagine why that would have happened. I know many people that are in the weedcash network community that post in other communities or just on their steemit blog all the time with no problem, so it doesn't make any sense to me why that would've happened. Maybe we should put something in the communities feedback community.

I will try again soon and see if it does the same thing, if it keeps happening i might need to ubsub from the community? which is ok because the #weedcash tag would still work and put it on the network right? maybe it was just a one time freak fluke, thanks for the fast reply! much apprec

Yes, the weedcash tag will still put it on, but I think it would take using the hive-195708 tag, or posting from the community or the for it to go to the community. Hopefully it was just a fluke, but either way, I'm sure we'll get it working correctly.

looks like it didn't automatically post now, but i used the weedcash tag not sure what that was lol. Also why are ppl emailing about my posts? hope they aren't causing you any trouble 🤯

Oh good! No trouble at all! It's just requests for collaborations because they are impressed with the content and want to add their own content, but haven't quite figured out how to sign up and join the community.

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