RE: HF21/22 - Cambios de pago y actualización de ToS

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HF21/22 - Cambios de pago y actualización de ToS

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Sure, it's all a big conspiracy and everyone on here is so bad, bad bad.

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lol I've seen before sarcasm as a defensive mechanism :) You think now that you hold all the power with all the STEEM that you control you can abuse people but as I said before there is KARMA and KARMA is a b*tch. You know you(or the service represents) have stolen and you are trying to hide it by playing smart but that comes only to show what kind of human being you are and how you are ready to abuse people and steal from them just to hold on to your power :) But I am actually happy with the fork from what I read because it would seem that anyways people will be using less and less your "services" and will start to withdraw their delegated power and you won't be able to abuse and steal from innocent people with somebody else's invested money