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RE: The Steem News @ 29 March 2020 - Ten days that have changed our worlds

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Sharon French @fitinfun RIP

This makes me so sad. She was really active on twitter when nathan mars was doing his push-up viral marketing awareness thing. I got to know her then and we spoke around the subject of mutual chronic conditions.

This has actually brought a tear to my eye pennsif... which shows the true value of this whole blockchain community experiment we're all involved in.

The real people I've met, virtually, or physically at SF3 and the emotional connections. That's what is real!

P.s. I'm mainly on hive these days but I stopped by to check out some things and saw your post.


It is sad to lose someone we know - for me, even virtually.

I fear a few more we know from Steem / Hive will be taken before this pandemic ends.