State of Steem: #Polish community example [stats]

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I believe that #polish community was one of the best organised to find on Steem during the crypto boom in late 2017 and start od the 2018. Rewards were small, but people were publishing and chatting a lot.

We had a dedicated "polish" tag with smaller thematic tags like "pl-blog" or "pl-cryptocurency". Number of curators where discovering good posts everyday to send them further to whales (private and ocdb). @Noisy established Wise to manage big valued votes. Plagiarism and bots were downvoted heavily by users. #polish trending was quite organic. My site was published to help new users to discover popular polish tags and find community statistics. And then..

After Crypto Crash

My database was build from all post with polish tags throughout the more than a year. One statistics contains data of users activity, based on the minimal action everyday - upvote (and minimal 1 publication in the past in polish tag). As you can see below:

This chart starts on 16.06.2018 and ends on 30.09.2019

New users are still coming to polish tags and using them actively but growth is much slower (blue line).

Because of that there is dramatic decline in active polish users (red line).

#polish tag usage from the beginning of the Steem blockchain

I was curious how much community is losing because of inactive Steem Power and made this chart:

To be more specific, today this data looks like this:

In the last 24h polish community didn't use $30.35 (SBD) from upvotes (sum)! (for polish publishers 30$ daily is much)

  • Users with max SP = 20 wasted $2.5! (2957 users, 2767 dead)
  • Users with max SP = 100 (>20) wasted $2.01! (437 users, 305 dead)
  • Users with max SP = 500 (>100) wasted $3.37! (205 users, 90 dead)
  • Users with max SP = 2000 (>500) wasted $3.26! (78 users, 15 dead)
  • Users with max SP = 5000 (>2000) wasted $4.61! (37 users, 5 dead)
  • Users with max SP > 5000 wasted $14.61! (25 users, 2 dead)

I even have implemented a public "Hall of Fame":

Top 50 users who lost potential $ upvotes: (last 24h)

ocd: $7.22
ekitcho: $2.51
innuendo: $1.07
kuc-prawica: $0.98
rozioo: $0.88
grzesiekb: $0.78
nicniezgrublem: $0.63
mitchhunter: $0.53
k-a-s-i-a: $0.48
hilarski: $0.46
writemore: $0.45
gkucmierz: $0.45
carrioner: $0.37
beerbot: $0.35
mynewlife: $0.33
awesome-seven: $0.3
btcsurefire: $0.3
noisy: $0.29
iyuta: $0.29
karlosbadz: $0.23
assayer: $0.22
wideoprezentacje: $0.22
soldierka: $0.18
cwbrooch: $0.15
dziemian: $0.15
mys: $0.15
monterski: $0.14
vimm: $0.13
outerground: $0.13
piach: $0.13
bitland: $0.12
milenamilak: $0.11
lukmarcus: $0.1
jakipatryk: $0.1
glodniwiedzy: $0.1
eddy-ghost: $0.1
saunter: $0.1
breadcentric: $0.1
sroka87: $0.09
nwacrypto: $0.09
pignys: $0.08
firesteem: $0.08
zdrowie: $0.08
veggie-sloth: $0.08
bithubpl: $0.07
hidemi: $0.07
pa3tutaj: $0.07
pannikt: $0.07
dailydogger: $0.07
poti: $0.07

It is quite depressing statistic, but this is what happens to Steem $-driven community after crypto crash.

Real time data:


Twój post został podbity głosem @sp-group-up oraz głosami osób podpiętych pod nasz "TRAIL" o łącznej mocy ~0.17$. Zasady otrzymywania głosu z traila @sp-group-up znajdziesz w ostatnim raporcie tygodniowym z działalności @sp-group, w zakładce PROJEKTY.


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Hi there!

I like your Steem Monsters stats service.

But I have two questions:

  1. What is the whole amount of the Starter Packs were purchased?

(and do/can you know the numbers of Alpha Starter Packs and Beta Starter Packs;
and what is the number for the promo-code packs)

  1. Why here is 2018-10-11

What is that date?


Thanks for attention!

  1. We need to ask aggroed or Matt ;)
  2. Before that date much data was not written by SM to blockchain (for example packs purchase amount), although all transactions (by $ mean) exist, but one can't distinguish before that day what $ tx is for what purchase..