Poll - Steemean 2019

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Hey everyone!

Did you have voted in the "Who was the person that make the difference in Steem Blockchain in 2019?" Poll?


I'm running a poll to choose The Steemean 2019, https://steemit.com/dpoll/@psos/final-steemean-2019-who-was-the-person-that-make-the-difference-in-steem-blockchain-in-2019
All you have to do is login with your Steem Posting Key on Dpoll site and vote.

Dpoll link to vote: https://dpoll.io/detail/@psos/final-steemean-2019-who-was-the-person-that-make-the-difference-in-steem-blockchain-in-2019/

Please vote and resteem to reach more participation.


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Resteemed 💪💪

Thanks! 😉