Epicdice shutdown

in steem •  11 months ago  (edited)


@mys transfers 2671.380 to @epicdice that seems to be what he got from the exploit!


https://epicdice.io/, the known Steem gamming Dapps has shutdown their services due an exploited in the code discover by @mys as is explained here https://steemit.com/gambling/@mys/how-above-99-player-outplayed-epic-dice
With this exploit @mys was able to send 1.020 STEEM to @epicdice and get back 99.960 STEEM till exploit has discovered and the site shutdown.

Now, what if you are @mys?

Will you play till shutdown or when you discover the exploit didn't take advantage and warning @epicdice about this?

For me it was not an hack but I can't say that is fair or honest...

Get back stronger @epicdice!

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Pelo que percebi, esse mys descobriu um gato e sacou até alguém dar por ela, mas no final devolveu o guito?