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Back when was the app for the Steem blockchain, blogging was basically all there was to do on the chain, unless you had geek skills. So when I joined up, I started blogging. You’re “supposed” to find a niche here, but I never have. I’ve posted about Steem/Steemit (who hasn’t?), preparedness and prepping, written a bunch of short fiction, blogged about becoming a dad, getting married, badmouthed our dysfunctional economy and government, uploaded mundane and artsy images, chronicled my limited foray into suburban homesteading, even posted a bit of snarky haiku

ned authors a post
berniesanders throws a fit
just another day

But a lot has changed in three years. Blogging is starting to fade into the background. Apps are taking over. @exyle has long been suggesting that Steem will become much harder to earn, particularly from blogging, and I think that his analysis is spot on. Those of us here now are early adopters, all of us, even those who signed up today. Sure, maybe only 40-50,000 folks are currently active, but what happens when that number increases ten-fold? A hundred-fold? A thousand-fold?

Granted, to start thinking along those lines at all, you have to be optimistic about the future of the Steem blockchain. But if you’re pessimistic about its prospects, why are you still here?

But let’s assume that the blockchain thrives, in large part because of Steem Monsters, @actifit, @steemhunt, and a zillion apps that don’t yet exist. Many users earning tokens that don’t yet exist. Potentially millions of users who might not even realize that the app they’re addicted to is “Powered by Steem”. But all of them needing Resource Credits, even if they couldn’t identify an RC if it came up and bit their chubby ass.

Part of why Steem is likely to become much harder to earn is that, in the aggregate, the hodlers of Steem Power are likely to be strongly incentivized to provide those Resource Credits. Resource Credit pools don’t yet exist, but once the need for them becomes intense, leasing out access to RC’s is likely to become big business on our blockchain. Intergenerational wealth will be generated. Steem Power allocated there will not be being used to upvote your blog.

But somebody will be getting the the upvotes that remain, even though competition for the reward pool will be intense. People being people, most of the large- and medium-sized accounts, as well as many of the smaller hodlers of SP will be maximizing their ROI by leasing their Resource Credits to apps. But bots will still be voting. Services such as #steembasicincome are likely going to be a big part of that trend. So if you’re planning on being here long-term and still blogging when relatively few accounts are still voting, it might be a good long-term investment to lock in some upvotes for the long haul.

If you’ve been on this blockchain for a while, you know about SteemWorld and probably use it. Maybe occasionally, maybe a lot. Yeah, you probably use it.

But do you help to support it? @steemchiller puts a lot of work into it and is adding new features on a regular basis. To help defray the costs a bit, he does “Weekly Support” posts that users can upvote to provide him with some income.

I’ve found the site to be all but indispensable. So I’ve been upvoting his posts. But that can only go so far. So over the last few months, I’ve bought him a few #steembasicincome units here and there.

Meh. Not good enough. It’s a freaking great service. I bought a bit of Steem today and decided to put some of it to good use:


I encourage others here to at a minimum upvote @steemchiller’s Weekly Support posts with 100% Voting Power.

Might as well get a few more SBI units, so one each for these fine folks:

@alaqrab, @azizbd, @bryan-imhoff, @davedickeyyall, @deirdyweirdy, @drumoperator, @edicted,, @freewritehouse, @fullcoverbetting, @hlezama, @jayna, @johnhtims, @k0wsk1, @mariannewest, @mattclarke, @oldtimer, @phoenixwren, @reinaldoverdu, @revisesociology, @slobberchops, @soyrosa, @steeminganarchy, @tarazkp, @themadgoat, @trincowski, @troubledsoles, @whatsup, @zekepickleman, @zoidsoft


I don’t mean to imply that blogging on the Steem blockchain will die, just that it’s likely to fade into the background as apps become a bigger and bigger part of the Steemverse.

Disclaimer: This should not be construed as financial advice. I am not a registered financial advisor; I don’t even play one on TV. Do your own due diligence. Batteries not included. Objects may be larger than they appear in mirror. Some assembly required. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

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I always use Steemworld as well and one of the few I am proud to throw a 100% auto-vote to. I even let it send me notifications so I can see when someone mentions me. Let's just say it is a rare occasion. So thank you for the SBI, I will pay it forward next time I pick up some steem.

Hey thanks for the SBI - I dunno if you use steempeak but they recently added SBI to the wallet - so you can easily see how many units you have and even gift via it!

Love SBI - and I agree that is great.

NB on the steem getting harder to earn comment - my VP being near 100% suggests people are writing less atm so more to go around for those that keep writing atm! Even if the dollar price is lower.

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Thank you very kindly for the SBI. My apologies for the late appearance. I would have missed this post but for checking mentions on SteemWorld!

Thanks for the SBI, mate :)
It's been a while since I made this kind of money by blogging.
I'm also loaning out a dusty old deck for a 50:50 DEC split with a newcomer. He gets to play for free.
and leasing out individual cards for a daily fee.
If all you do here is hammer the keys and yell at the screen; you're doing it wrong.

For a lot of people, passive income streams here are going to far outweigh earnings from upvotes.

How do you lease cards for a daily fee, may I ask?
Select the card you want to lease, > 'View Cards'
Then in the top right, hit this little guy.
Then the purple 'Rent' button, to set your terms. You'll need to give peakmonsters delegation authority the first time.

Awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for your support and the SBI
Al that you are doing is making a big difference. We daily work hard for make steemit a better place for blogging.
I think it cames harder to find quality content but theres many people doing interesting stuff.

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It will be a sad day for me when/if blogging dies. I enjoy it to be honest. Thanks for the SBI.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

But if you’re pessimistic about its prospects, why are you still here?

This is the question many should ask themselves. Why spend your time investing into what you think is a losing horse?

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Dear @preparedwombat

Great read.

When you counted all those subjects you blogged about, I couldn't stop thinking: to many different subjects. Everyone need to understand his/hers audience and target that audience the best way possible.

Im actually very curious, what do you like to write about the most?


what do you like to write about the most?

Fiction, when I can. I’ve never been particularly prolific, so shorter formats come more naturally to me. I’d love to write a novel some day, but my attempts at doing so have all fizzled. So far.

Dear @preparedwombat

Thx for your comment.

Since you're so responsive, I thought that perhaps I could share with you my latest publication and ask about your own opinion on discussed subject:

I would appreciate it greately.


Thanks for the SBI, and love that you gave a big chunk to @steemchiller. I thought you were done with the big SBI buys?

Let’s call anything under 100 small. 😅

LOL! Sounds like a plan.

Thank you for the SBI too :)

This place is sure changing fast... It's impressive. I'm still blogging, as I am one of those rare creatures that has been blogging for 15 years without getting paid anyway, and would probably still be blogging if there was no more STEEM to earn. But I've noticed the investing part is becoming a real side-job on here too, most days I'm first checking steem-engine and then Steem frontends...

Thanks a lot for your continued SBI support @preparedwombat! <3

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I think you might be in Bob Ross's niche because you paint a pretty picture. 👍


You got a 12.27% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @preparedwombat! :)

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