The Steem News @ 29 March 2020 - Ten days that have changed our worlds

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It's been 10 days since the last Steem News.

How our worlds have changed in those past 10 days.

Both on-chain and off-chain.

Much of the world is on lock-down, and Steem and Hive have gone their separate ways.

Our worlds will never be the same again...

The Future of Steem News and Hive News

As the editor of an independent news service I have always maintained a neutral stance on the split of Steem and Hive.

Things could have been done better on both sides. But the changes have happened and we are now two chains.

In their different ways I hope both Steem and Hive can prosper and thrive.

But in these troubled times that may not be a simple task for either chain.

The end result is that we have taken a very small community and divided it into two even smaller communities.

From my side, as long as there is news to report and value in doing so, I will continue to produce separate editions of Steem News and Hive News.

Though with the current difficulties in our daily lives I do not know how frequently each will appear.

If you keep reading, I will keep writing.

Stay safe, stay well, stay with us.

1. The Corona Diaries

Although this is not directly Steem, or Hive, related I will make this the first item.

As we all lay claim to the importance of the Steem/Hive Community, now more than ever is the time to show what that community means.

The Coronavirus, CovID-19, is now wreaking havoc around the world. The impact on health, the impact on personal finances, and the impact on civil freedoms, is immense. People are losing loved ones - grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children and friends.

Users of Steem and Hive are not immune. We will all suffer just the same. Some to a lesser, some to a greater degree.

Many people on both chains are writing about how the virus is affecting their daily lives.

I have been compiling those stories in The Corona Diaries. They make fascinating, and at times difficult reading.

I would urge everyone to take some time to read those stories, engage with the authors through comments, and if you can give them a vote.

These are the three editions so far...

Sharon French @fitinfun RIP

I am sure many of you will have encountered Sharon @fitinfun at some point during your time on Steem. If you went to the last SteemFest that @roelandp organised in Bangkok you may have even met her. She was an ardent supporter of minnows on the chain.

She was a Canadian living in Malaysia. @littlenewthings from the Malaysia Steem community sadly reports that Sharon has passed away. It is not clear whether her death was due to the Coronavirus or her underlying health issues. Her last post 17 days ago was from her hospital bed in Kuala Lumpur...

Rest in Peace Sharon.

2. SteemWorld Updates

Developer @steemchiller has given details of a new tool that he has added to his popular Steemworld app.

The tool will offer predefined sets of data like:

  • top/flop accounts by vesting shares (SP)
  • top/flop accounts by STEEM/SBD balance
  • top/flop accounts by reputation
  • top/flop accounts by earned author/curation rewards
  • biggest active Powerdowns
  • newest/oldest Steem accounts...

@steemchiller also announced a few days ago that he is now running a Steem witness...

For reference witness developer @justyy also offers a growing set of Steem Blockchain Tools and APIs...

3. HUNT Token Listed on ProBit Global

@steemhunt has announced that HUNT tokens are now listed on the ProBit Global exchange as a HUNT/USDT trading pair.

They are also running a Reviewhunt quest to help promote the new listing...

4. NextColony - the Final Season

Season V of the NextColony Steem space game is now underway. 42,800 STEEM will be distributed in this final season that will run until 10 May.

When the season finishes @nextcolony will be abandoning the project...

The whole project will be open source after the final season. So everyone is free to use the code for a new project or to continue NextColony on the Steem blockchain. Shortly after the last season is over, we will shut down the servers and insert the GitHub links in this post...

@miniature-tiger has written more about the final season...

5. Steem and Exchanges

@jrcornel posts that STEEM and SBD wallets are now up and running on Bittrex...

He also reports that STEEM wallets are also working on the Ionomy exchange...

6. Find Steem Communities on

@eco-alex has a posted a reminder about the website he has built to help people find communities on Steem...

7. The Future of Steem-Engine

It is understood that Steem-Engine is migrating to Hive. It is not certain what will happen to the tribes and tokens left on Steem-Engine.

@intrepidsurfer is among those expressing concerns about what is going on...

8. New Witnesses on Steem

The past week or so has seen a number of new witnesses being set up, and some old mothballed ones revived including @block-buster (@MrViquez & @BirdInc), @chronocrypto, @cn-witnesses (@shenchensucc, @ericet, @honoru, @softmetal, @robertyan), @indo.witness (@levycore), @snackplus, @surpassinggoogle...

9. Introducing #Steemexclusive

@whatsup is sticking with Steem 'for now' and is looking to curate content produced solely for the Steem blockchain. She suggests using the #steemexclusive tag...

Among the community members that have stayed on Steem, a number have been posting their views about the current situation and what comes next...

And @whatageek is running a contest asking people "What Features Would You Like On Steemit?"...

Steem Proposal System update

The Steem Proposal System (SPS) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 2890 SBD.

Currently @gtg's Return Proposal has been boosted to 90 million SP.

The nearest proposal to that is @yabapmatt's Steem Keychain development proposal at 24.5 million SP.

No proposals are currently therefore receiving any funding from the SPS...

Contest of the Day

World of XPilar Contest

Make a story out of the digital picture provided. Upvotes to be won. Organised by @xpilar...

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This is #290 (29 Mar '20) of this daily news service.

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It is really a nice and explained in detail about all the fractions of steem and also Hive. I hope both the block chains will continue to progress and helping the community with good innovations. Thanks for sharing such a detailed report.

Glad you find it useful, thank you.

Sharon French @fitinfun RIP

This makes me so sad. She was really active on twitter when nathan mars was doing his push-up viral marketing awareness thing. I got to know her then and we spoke around the subject of mutual chronic conditions.

This has actually brought a tear to my eye pennsif... which shows the true value of this whole blockchain community experiment we're all involved in.

The real people I've met, virtually, or physically at SF3 and the emotional connections. That's what is real!

P.s. I'm mainly on hive these days but I stopped by to check out some things and saw your post.

It is sad to lose someone we know - for me, even virtually.

I fear a few more we know from Steem / Hive will be taken before this pandemic ends.

It was very sad to hear about Sharon, she will be missed.

Hopefully she will have peace now. She had obviously been struggling in all areas of her life for a long time bless her and yes, she will be missed . Best wishes

It is understood that Steem-Engine is migrating to Hive. It is not certain what will happen to the tribes and tokens left on Steem-Engine.

Given that a lot of the Steem/Tron drama started over rumors of a token-swap to a different chain, I find it somewhat ironic that the latest controversy is that Steem-Engine isn't swapping tokens to a different chain.

I believe @aggroed has recently put out another announcement about this on Hive.

I have little left on the Steem-Engine, and maybe the projects that use it will go on Hive.

There is still uncertainty about the Steem Engine tribes and what will happen to them.

Rest in peace Sharon.
May we all stay strong and survive this season.

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.



Glad to see you continuing on doing your thing man. Good article.

Thank you.

RIP Sharon, she was a truly friend.

Congratulations. Excelent report @pennsif.

Thank you Felix.

Thanks for this update. I'd like to see projects on both chains thrive.

It will be interesting to see what the next few months brings for both chains.

We are 2x richer and we have 2x more upvotes to distribute. We need a UI to cross post and read the comments from both chains at the same time.

That would be an interesting route to take.