Steem is for Everyone (please check the list & add to it)

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While I have been working on my Steem Outreach Program posts about Steem Ambassadors, Regional Leaders and Social Media some tricky questions keep popping up...

What is Steem, what is the vision, who is it for?

The answers are not simple for sure. We will all have many different ideas of what Steem is and what the vision should be.

But in terms of 'Who is Steem for?' the answer for me is quite simple - EVERYONE !

We have so much variety to offer on Steem, and it is growing every day.

Here is a list I've started. I am sure I have missed a lot.

Please do add in the comments - both for new 'categories' of people Steem is for, and also any apps, tribes etc I have not mentioned for the different audiences already listed.

Let's see how big we can make this list...

Steem is for Gamers & Game Developers

Steem is for Video Content Creators, Vloggers & Live Streamers

Steem is for Musicians & Music Lovers...

Steem is for Alternative Lifestylers

Steem is for Food Lovers

Steem is for Travellers

Steem is for Sports Fans

Steem is for Lifestyle & Fitness Fans

Steem is for Makers & DIY'ers

Steem is for Developers

(can some developers give the key points of why Steem is a great blockchain to develop on please?)

Steem is for Investors

Steem is for Business

Steem is for Communities

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Why develop on Steem:

  • Easy to use API
  • No Steem specific programming language to learn (unlike Eth)
  • 3 second blocks -> better user experience
  • Instant access to 30K active users

Steem is also for:

Just to mention some of them.

On behalf of the @vimm community, thank you for giving us a shoutout here. I appreciate it, and want to invite all of Steem to come drop by and check out what our content creators are doing.

You are welcome - I was over in Vimm earlier watching @ericwilson streaming.

Steem is for families, love and freedom - @Steemchurch
Steem is for daily journaling @ulogs
Steem is for artists @Artzone

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Artists was what I was going to say. 😊 Creative coin covers that one too.

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Thanks man, appreciate the plug for @ClickTrackProfit very much :)

You are welcome.

Thanks for adding SPI into your table man.

I love your content and what you offer to the community. There are not many of us Brit's on the platform but we sure do shine :D

EDIT: It's 2.12 am, you a night owl?

Yeah everyone that doesn't want to use bots to promote their content or violate one of the various rules. lol

Dont forget ecoTrain Pennsif! ;) we focus on alt lifestyles ... x

Faster than the speed of light - already added 😀

Wow that was fast! Thanks!

You're welcome - sorry I missed it first time.

Hope all is going well with the eco-building...

Oh yes! Im in talks with someone who wants to donate the land for the ecoVillage for free.. which will be a Milestone for our ecoVillage based on natural giving.. lots of work behind the scenes, I hope to post soon on this!

Wow - that sounds really exciting. Looking forward to reading more on that.

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May we also add @canna-collective to the @canna-curate list.

I also created this account @VIPservice as part of the Canna-Collective project which also counts an investment in the Steem platform through our STEEM-backed CANNA tokens.

The VIP service rewards our top token holders to massively increase their returns on posts. This is especially helpful to minnows who are earning less than $1 per post.

Which is the better of the two @canna addresses to show?

Well @Canna-Curate is the original curation account and trail. I set up @Canna-Collective to basically follow the trail and ALSO provide extra layers of value to token holders. We are the same exact group but Curate is the main account while mine is the sister account.

The VIP service account is just another layer on top of Collective.

Steem is for publicly traded investment jewelry companies :

What I'm missing above is Humor, Laughter, Fun ...
in short Entertainment.

  • Steem is for the Artist.
  • Steem is for entertainment and entertainers.
  • Steem is for those bored with TV/Cable/and other outlets full of commercial advertisements

And my top pick:

  • Steem is for those that love to read

Photography. @photofeed, @creativecoin, @potraitcontest, there may be some others which cover this too.

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Thank you for the information. I did not know about D sound. It is perfect for what I do.

And the funny thing about this is that there is intersections between all of those communities as well. I agree steem is for everybody.

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Steem is also for patriots in the #deutsch community, using the PATRIOT token

Thanks for the shoutout! We appreciate this. (:

Yoodoo and porn?
I believe there is a communities directory as well with listings? Maybe @paulag could help with this?

maybe add some of the big languages??
German has a big community, so do Spanish and Korean...

Steem is for charity.
Watch the hashtag "nobel" or

Art, artists, entertainment, entertainers, creative writers, humor, humorists, photography, photographers.

That all fits in Creative Coin and of course Steemit.

Great post man! This will help me a lot when onboarding new people.

thanks for this, adding them to :) if i have anything missing.

And, I have to add that one of the gratest communities, if not a tribe on Steemit is the Power House Creatives (formerly @steemitbloggers) founded by @jaynie. If it had not been for them, I'd have drowned in the Steemit ocean. It's a catholic (in the real sense of the word) bunch of folk from all over the world.

Here's a link to a post inviting folk to join (assuming you might be interested)

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Wonderful list. There really is something for everyone. I dont see on your list (gotta check to make sure that's the right name. I will edit if its wrong) and well thank you kindly for mentioning The Excel club

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steem is for sports lovers Sportstalk
steem is for traders steemleo & Airhawk-exchange

Everyone has a place in steem at the moment.

a really handy list. Even though i use Steemit several hours a day a lot of these categories are new to me. Gonna go check out the DIY guys now!

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Women of Crypto - @steemitmamas

Locations: (I'm sure there are many more)

Content Creators and Curators: (I'm sure there are many more)
@c-squared and c-cubed

Contests - @contestkings

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Good idea for a list, @pennsif

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