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I recently noticed the update of the interface of the site and I found it interesting, I remember that I got to know this tool by the recommendation of @lanzjoseg and I found it so easy to use and so comfortable to consult the information that I kept using it frequently until today.

I visited the blog of its developer and found the publication in which @steemchiller gives his opinion on the subject of the moment with the meeting of the witnesses and Justin Sun, leaving on the last line the warning that he was updating the tool.

ScreenShot of steemworld

It is obvious that I have a preference for using the site in its dark theme.

Well, what I noticed is that despite the time I have observed the existence of a menu for language in the site configuration tab, I have never found anything other than English (US). Well, I know that it is a language of exchange and commerce and that it is already a standard, but I was curious, so I went on to review about the users or the public of the site, for that I used the Alexa site and I found this:

ScreenShot of - Audience Geography

Well, I was surprised, you see, I am from Venezuela and although I have already heard that this Latin American country is a very active and live community of members of the Steem blockchain, I did not know that we were in the Top3 users of the site. It also turns out that the country that is ranked # 1 is a Latin American country too: Paraguay.

Where do I go with this? It happens that I was interested in the idea of proposing a possible translation of the site, of course, I would have to look for certified translators, because in my case I am only an amateur and my translations are not professional, so even if I can participate, I would not dare to irresponsibly assume a project of this magnitude.

I think that the proposal is not bad, as it would allow for greater regionalization and more personalization for each user.

By the way, it occurred to me to review the same with the @steempeak site since I use its interface with preference, there my surprise was greater:

ScreenShot of - Audience Geography

Venezuela, a Latin American Spanish-speaking country, is first in the list of countries of origin of the audience of the site that also gives me reason to think that having the possibility of personalization among the options Having the interface in your native language would be helpful.

All good with the idea of ​​bringing things closer and giving possibilities for visitors and users to use the sites in their native languages, but does this fit in any way on the topic of doing business? Well, I think so, if we assume that Internationalization and localization are already well-known and justified terms within the world of software development, it is not only about offering a good product, but about facilitating its use and adoption by the greatest amount of potential clients or consumers when presenting them with the necessary adjustments for the languages, currencies or other characteristics of the populations to which they are offered.

On the other hand, it can also be considered as part of a Regionalization or Localization business strategy, something that is often used on various websites and on Social Networking platforms, after all, it is enough to see that each of the Successful platforms can be adjusted to the languages ​​of their users and allow their use perfectly.

Could this Regionalization or Localization business strategy attract new users and participants to the sites and the Steem Blockchain?

I have to admit that this is the most important question for me, but I don't have a definitive answer, so I would like to know your opinion in the comments.

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It is a beautiful thing to see Venezuelans active on the steem blockchain also, bringing a proposal for a translation is a good thing because it will be more easier for non-English speaking countries to be a part of the steem blockchain. Anyways, i do not use steempeak and do not know much about steemworld even though i visited the site 2 days ago but i have been hearing a lot about it. I will go check it out now.

Ok, in your case, your profile would be at

In general it is a site to review how everything goes with your publications, mentions, followers, delegations and other things, I personally have found it quite useful.

Can you share the exact questions you asked alexa?

Ok, I think that somewhere I explained myself badly, I will try to correct myself, what I mean when I talk about asking Alexa is that I used the Web service of the site to consult a website specifically, that resulted in the link and there I saw the information I was looking for.

Ah! Ok, now I got it. =) was finding it strange you could got metrics from who uses the Tool... which I suppose only @steemchiller could get in case that information is being recorded (not that I care much though).

Well, as for me I think interface translation is very important most especially when the language used in communication differs. Some people may actually find it very difficult to understand or comprehend the language you write with due to their nationality or language differences.

About the question you asked about regionalization and localization, I think it will surely attract more users to the steem blockchain if anyone is able to understand whatever language they converse or communicate with.

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Thanks for helping spread the post.

In the blockchain of steem I have found publications in different languages, in fact I think that in my feed the publications that I have seen are in English, Spanish and Korean... Ok, I know that I am not a speaker of that asian language, but it happens that people with which I write if it is, although we maintain communication in English that is a common language for the exchange.

So, I thought that a regionalization business strategy could be something good and feasible for these platforms, I would like to see a response from their development teams to know if they would consider the suggestion.

Venezuelans as well as several other non-English speaking nations are really making impact on the steem blockchain currently and having other languages integrated into steem will be a good thing

Certainly, although English is the language of exchange that I use most in this part of the world, seeing that in the Top3 of countries there are several that are Spanish-speaking, because it gives me the idea that making a translation could be good .

I believe that later, to follow the internationalization and regionalization business strategy, the Top10 of countries of origin of users could be evaluated and possible new translations evaluated, always leaving users the option to continue using the interface in English or in their native language .

I was thinking, that I would like this idea to also reach the @steempeak development group, I started to review and saw the accounts, these are: