Reached 70 reputation!

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I think yesterday my reputation reached 70. Steem was down for a long time and I forgot to announce it. I was waiting for this moment for a few weeks now but every day my reputation has been increasing about 0.005 points. I almost didn't use any promotion or bots lately so it was more difficult to advance.

I know reputation number doesn't mean very much on Steem nowadays but it is still a nice feeling.

When I first started on Steem, I found an interesting illustrating guide about reputation:

According to it, here is what the numbers mean:

25 - Baby
30 - Todler
40 - Kid
50 - Blogger
60 - Professional
70 - Guru

It's funny, isn't it? I certainly don't feel like a guru but more like a professional. If Steem didn't have any bots and other promotion cervices, authors would advance much more organically. In such case 70 might indeed mean like an expert. But I'm OK with being professional.

I show up every day, no matter what - rain or shine. This is what professionals do, isn't it?

New Doc 2019-08-29 18.21.53 - Page 2.jpg

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I know you work hard to achieve it, so you deserve it! 😉

Congrats guru :)

Thank you! If I'm a guru, you are a demi-god.

If Steem does well, there are going to be thousands of people who are going to benefit from it and hopefully, they will be of the mind to enable others on the other interfaces and SMTs to come.

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Congradulations! I think you are guru of steem

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Greetings, what good congratulations, as one increases in reputation means a path traveled through different experience where knowledge is acquired through the Steem blockchain, every day you learn new things this is like the doctor who must be updated every day With the emergence of new diseases. This is a school where you learn something new every day.

I agree with you! Steem is a life-long education.


!giphy guru

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I’m only a professional.

Professional is all you need, haha!


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