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Hi friend, happy weekend.

I have been on Steem for close to two years and six months. I have done a lot things for the growth of this place and have dedicated my time to on boarding new members. However, I have been finding it difficult to login to my account lately. A lot of things have gone wrong with this place and it seems the latest hardfork is the straw that will soon break the camel's back.

The costumers play a major role in making a business survive and not just the investors. If the little the people earn here will be collected and be given to the major players, I see no reason why new people would join and a larger group will even stop their activities here.

I read some arguments where some people stated that other social media platforms don't reward. True, but can you equate the user experiences there with what we have here? Even if people get asked to pay little amounts to be on those platforms, they would rather pay than be on a place like Steem.

There is no fun here. Rewards are not based on posts quality. Besides, who decides what makes it a quality post? A two line post might make a difference in my life forever and someone else might see it as undeserving.

I thought they said the blockchain would help bypass censorship? I thought we got attracted to Steem by hearing it is the social media that pays? The negativity around here is actually getting too much to handle. More than 70% of my friends here including the whales have stopped blogging. Some have powered down and left. Now they've made it impossible to bring in new members.

I used to love Steem and have remained loyal to this place for a long time. But right now, I feel confused as to what I'll actually be doing here. The fun has been murdered. No real social interactions here. Earning has drastically reduced.

I hope Steem survives this. I am still a Steem supporter though. All the best to this platform. Might join the review hunt team or look for a profitable tribe.

Namaste! 🙏


It's unfortunate that Steem is no longer what it used to be for us, for me particularly, the Nigerian steem community has become a shadow of itself since everyone is now divided and people think only about themselves.....I hope everything gets better, mistakes are realized and worked upon as soon as possible.Cheers

yeah not that great as it was used to be before but what can we do

Yeah not that great as
It was used to be before
But what can we do

                 - blazing

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