Steem the #6 Most Tweeted Crypto on Twitter right now....

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Great to see our #Steem Tweets and hashtags moving Steem up the list....

Go Steem Go.... Are you Tweeting Steem ?

It costs you nothing to share all your Steem posts on Twitter, and to add a few #steem #steemit #crypto hashtags on there.... the more we Tweet #steem the more people who are investing in Crypto will see our posts and either come join us as Creators or Investors. Both are Welcome.

Link :


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Great post! Plus, I met you on twitter.

I search #steem on Twitter and like and retweet lots of #steem..... moving us up the list. Every tweet and retweet helps us get noticed.

Nice if we can get some traction there.

That is pretty awesome to see @offgridlife! I spent some time automating some Steemit to Twitter posting back in the fall just to help with the onboarding and awareness spreading initiatives.

Not that the few posts my 'bots' make have made a huge impact but it is nice to see they have perhaps contributed. I thought about making more 'bots' but I did not want to be spamming Twitter with hashtags and possibly having an adverse effect. It is tricky stuff trying to balance automation with quality of content!

I have also been sharing my posts to my personal Twitter as part of OCD's #posh initiative so it is nice to see that they have contributed as well.

If you are interested in seeing the accounts on Twitter that are doing the posting... here they are:

That is awesome.... it all helps.. I will go follow and send some likes.

That is my thinking as well... that it all helps.

I love this news! Tweet coming...