Hello Tron #JTS How to earn Steem on Steemit. #IntroduceYourself

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First of all .... If you are just joining Steemit.com from the TRON Network you should definitely create your first #Introduceyourself Post.

Samples: https://steemit.com/trending/introduceyourself

Steem Whales are very good about rewarding new members with Steem and usually upvote Introduction Posts with enough Steem to get new people going on their way to earning their own Steem.

There are 2 ways to earn Steem on Steemit.com.

Author Rewards and Curation Rewards.

Author Rewards:

In order to earn Author rewards (Steem) you need to post good quality "ORIGINAL" Content here on Steemit. Never ever copy and paste or plagiarize. You will be downvoted and it will be very difficult to ever earn Steem.

Curation Rewards:

The only way you can earn Curation Rewards is by having some Steem Power. You get Steem Power by "Powering up" your Steem to Steem Power using your Steemit Wallet.

You earn Curation Rewards (Steem) by upvoting other peoples great content. Use your upvotes sparingly since it reduces your Steem Power % that needs to recharge each day. It is best to only upvote 10 posts per day (Maximum)
If you upvote a new post at the 5 minute Mark you will earn some good Curation Rewards. You share 50/50 with the Author and the others that Voted on the Post. So if a post earns $10 in 7 days you would earn 50 % of that shared with the others that upvoted that post. This Steem is deposited to your Wallet as Steem Power in 7 days.

To earn the Maximum amount from Curation rewards it is best to convert all your Steem to Steem Power and only upvote 10 posts per day at the 5 minute mark. You do this by following the "New Posts" and ONLY upvoting the best Original Content.

You can check your Steem Voting Power % here (Sample) .... https://Steemd.com/@JTSofficial (insert your @username)

You will notice that your Steem power drops by 2 % with every upvote .... So 10 upvotes per day will drop you from 100 % down to 90 % .... This will rechgarge (automatically) every 24 hours.

It is a little complicated but you will understand it as time goes on ....


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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if you don't want the spam this generates then please leave a reply to this reply, i'll try to follow up :)

sounds like a positive way of explaining people born from before apocalypse 21 :D ... i hope to see some tangible goals and "this is what will change on migration" soon even if without a timeline so i can know what to expect ... just adding more people to the hyperinflated pool is more drops on the hot plate and i still have half a fear the current status quo will try to prevent losing their little position at the cost of this place growing into something that might maybe have potential in the bigger picture ... but ofcourse as a game-feed i am totally neutral and have no opinions whatsoever

and everything's GREAT ;-)

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Thanks. Trending would be nice some day.

Thanks. Trending would be nice some day ... ha ha ....


I think its great that we might get a few new Creators here, maybe a few Influencers like Steve Wozniak, Jack Ma, or Warren Buifet ... ha ha

im not sure if you know the relation between jack ma and justin sun ? if not google does .... im not sure if you heard about justin sun having a date with warren buffet and how that went ?

otherwise im sure google knows all about it

i have no idea what woz would be doing here, lol but he might make a buck on name alone ...

mh, sa-shi-bu-ri, i remember the name from somewhere but im sure im like four accounts further than my name and all the rest have been wrecked by zealous content paladins or fun-with-flags ... did anything change yet ?

can i get TRON now for posting ?

uh,noez? so nothing's changed yet :p

if its all true then someone with actual money and a name that's known outside of the 6000-posts-of-Steemit has entered as a real player ... so there should be options at least ... depending on everyone's intention and such and so ... i doubt we will see much change in 2020, it's still FFA, shoot first, ask later, take the money and run 99%

but ... (dear readers ...) my glass is half-empty ofcourse ...

Well .... I am lucky if I make a few pennies with each post these days. But with 6,200 Steem Power the Curation Rewards aren't bad .... I am earning almost 5 Steem ( $1) a week. If I can convert that liquid Steem into Ethereum on Blocktrades then maybe I will some day have some real Money ??? And my Glass is half Full.

5 STEEM in curation hm ... not too shabby :)

Ethereum kinda went out of range with the last spike for me, BTC has been out of range for a long time now. TRX is at a pricelevel where you need whalestreetmoney to actually make money trading and i think so is EOS still .. (if you can buy them by the millions i supose you can make something if it shifts like a dollarcent or maybe five lol, same thing for STEEM here, its totally un-interesting and as you say : post rewards require circle - censored as most people do here, roundabout, or with friends or family , im quite sure that's how the minor earners with the $1 to $5 posts do it, up to $10 and then you got your public faces ofcourse who can claim that "i didnt buy a vote, tipe curated me, lol"
us knows us pretty much the same thing everywhere, inititative or innovation is deemed to inferior to handshake-day ... so actually i doubt i'll ever make fat post-money here myself heh
i think my glass is a bottomless pit by now or maybe i swallowed a black hole somewhere, or maybe they forced that down my throat hahah

check the LTC and ETH charts, over the last 6 months they're at the same nasty median level so its either a good time to buy or else its gonna go deeper, as always trading is mostly flipping that coin ... one thing is sure, all the major coins move in the same way, the charts always look alike

real money would be real nice, i think maybe yea, by the time i'm 80 or something the way things are going heh ;)

catching up on replies
i check the game-feed @tyrnannoght daily in case people dont want the trdo or (gods forbid) anyone would actually have something to say or ask (its not steemmonsters after all) and ill be trying to check this one on sunday-steemitday lol take care then

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