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RE: CZ of Binance is talking about Steem and he doesn't even know it

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Crypto community know about steem but reality is that others projects jealous of steem as they never tell people about steem. They are promoting their content on Medium, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook where they can also promote it on steem. Steem needs lot of active users to make a revolution on social blockchain. Most of the youtubers still don't know about steem and lot of steem dapps.

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Yes it is strange to me with how long steem has been around, with how many users it had at one point, and with how much the project was worth that it still gets very little press or recognition for much of anything. It's odd.

It seems people have a "what have you done for me lately" attitude. Steem stopped being a good site almost 3 years ago, and its associated currency has been on a downward slide since the project began almost 4 years ago. We keep saying we're about to revolutionize things, but only put out hard forks that result in 3-day outages, and the rich getting richer. Signup still hasn't been improved and it remains hard to get an account here. Other blockchains have appeared, making Steem just one of many in 2019. It has fallen from #5 of all cryptos, to #90. I'm really not surprised people have given up on it for the most part.

Why haven't you?