Game for peace? A truce with Justin Sun and Binance’s CZ possible?

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I got Badge of honour for voting 30 witnesses for Steem Blockchain. Oh, feel so honoured like been knighted or something...ha!!


Looks like the climate is become pleasant for a Truce for now??

Yesterday, I spent time trying to see if there is any progress in the Steem Blockchain Dilemma. And got news that Binance and Houbi began powering down. Cool!!



From March 7th there has been updates on twitter from both Justin Sun and Binance’s CEO CZ making their stance and issues relating to Steem Blockchain clearer.

Justin Sun as usual, talked about how it was unfair that witnesses did the soft fork which made him undertake an appallingly indignant move of talking over Steemit Blockchain, I skip this as it’s old news.


Steem Witnesses have Freeze Power to override Tron’s Steem Power

Newer news, is that he was not happy with the freezing power of the Witnesses as they froze accounts of Binance, Houbi and Poloniex mainly because these accounts were used to vote Tron puppet witnesses and as long as these accounts were there, Justin Sun owned Steemit Inc had huge inputs of Steem Power to vote Tron puppet witnesses.


So, Steem Witnesses were using freeze power against Justin Sun Tron’s source of Steem Power, to keep Steem Blockchain in their control.

Justin Sun, is not happy with witnesses having this freeze power, and he tells that he wants de -escalation of the situation and he appealed to the Steem Community not to support witnesses who are using freeze power to freeze accounts. Ha...ha… ha.

Check out his communication here -

Binance’s CZ too responds

Binance’s CZ, CEO of my favorite exchange Binance responded as well. He says it was not correct on his part to have got involved, but he felt that unfairly Justin’s funds was frozen by some small bunch of witnesses, he thought this power up was for a regular hardfork.


There were tweets by which he implied that that the ninja stake that witnesses say is not to be used for any other purpose other than Steem Blockchain’s development, had not been mentioned in any agreement documents, so Justin feels that Steemit Inc’s funds that they froze were his funds.

CZ also unhappy with the freeze power of Steem Witnesses


CZ is also not happy with Steem witnesses’ freeze power because Binance account was frozen and that account cannot be used to vote on Steem Blockchain(: Ha… Obviously CZ was worried about Binance Steem Funds that were used to power up because they were all customer’s Steem funds(sorry Binance customers, I know how it feels, but your funds will come back to you, I too am a Binance user, but I forgive CZ, he apologized!!).

CZ did not know that a Steem Power Down takes 13 weeks

Also, CZ was not aware, about Steem’s Power down time and I think through Justin Sun earlier the request was put to have Steem Power down to happen in one day, so exchanges that powered up to vote in Tron witnesses can power down and get back their customer funds used for powering up. However, reducing power down to one day was not going to be approved by Steem witnesses(: , because they were sure it would destroy the Steem Blockchain. So,13 weeks it would be for Steem to power down as of now.

Steem Community used vote power to support Steem Blockchain


Steem Community members including myself have been voting for witnesses, with the sole purpose of getting those Tron Puppets lose out top positions with the result that top 8 witnesses positions are not occupied by Tron puppets (as of the time of writing this article), they all have Steem witnesses, meaning Justin Sun’s control over Steem Blockchain been reduced, thanks to Steem Community voting for real witnesses.


Steem Blockchain reduced in reputation in CZ’s eye

CZ also mentioned that this issue between Steem witnesses and Justin Sun has to sort out because Steem is losing out in reputation and the only reason the Steem price held up is because everybody has been powering up to vote and vote out witnesses.

He also said that right now he would not like listing Steem in his exchange(if it was a new listing proposal) because of the issues it has(ha... again, as if CZ was not a player for Steem acquiring this bad reputation). much action and reaction all this time at Steem Blockchain I tell ya… thrilling to see to some extent, witness position updates and stuff like that.


All in all, I feel Steem Community has fought to keep Steem Blockchain stay in control of Steem witnesses and perhapes we all helped to keep Steem Blockchain from getting taken over by Justin SUn. Looks like for now, Steem Blockchain is going to be intact. It’s quite something that Steem Community did not FOMO,( ha…now you know I follow crypto investor’s psychology) but many powered up just to vote for witnesses to save Steem Blockchain.( What a community spirit, I tell ya!!)

I would also like to mention that CZ favours Justin because Justin supported Binance’s Charity wing through donation, he is a loyal friend of Justin indeed.


Justin Sun, atleast you donate to charities, good job, for all the scrupulous things you do, you will be forgiven for your good deeds of your donation for good causes, much appreciated.

I encourage you to act as a good whale and support Steem Blockchain to grow like you say, so you make money(some of which you give to charity) and small stakeholders of Steem like me who have earned Steem through hard work, bit by bit through long periods of time benefit. There are Venezulans who depend on Steem they earn from here for their livelihoods, so it will be so good to have Steem Blockchain intact indeed!!


Dear @mintymile

A truce with Justin Sun and Binance’s CZ possible?

Perhaps we shall ask opposite question: is truce with old witnesses possible? -> after all they managed to promote narrative "us versus him" and amount of hostile comments from day 0 (towards Justin) has been insane.

Whenever I try to put myself in Justin shoes - I would feel that there is no room for dialog with most of witnesses. I would feel that I purchased product, which comes with very agressive community. Community which is against me from the very beginning.

That's absolutely awful position and I'm not sure how would I react if I were him.

It's hard to imagine any product/project to be succesful, while seeing that community and major stakeholder are openly fighting.

I personally worry, that one day he may decide that this was wrong investment and it's time to cut loses. And I don't think anyone would ever like to buy it back from Justin and we would be left on our own. Hopefully it won't ever happen.

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Yours, Piotr

Yup... what ever I hope Steem remains intact, and we can keep posting and supporting this chain to grow and benifit in the long run with steem price. But I feel witnesses are angry...

See this witness bashing bash

The problem is the issue of that ninja -stake - agreement possible? and they don't trust Justin one bit. Will Justin leave that ninja-stake alone, or if he has it, would he misuse it?, I think he has taken it already.

Looks like those exchanges and justin wanted to keep voting earlier but they stopped this.

its hard for witnesses to do nothing, if Justin would take over the ninja-stake, Steem would not have any funds for develpment, plus it would have lost credibility.

Suppose Justin withdraws... then... maybe Steem can be shifted to another blockchain. Personally Tron and Justin association is not good I feel.

I feel Justin's gone too far actually to fault witnesses... but if the issues not sorted, I don't see truce a tall... it makes it even worst that Justin is not understood Steem Blockchain...

however, with exchanges powered down I see there was de-esculation of situation. from here how those 2 parties sort the issues upto them, witnesses and JUstin Sun Tron...

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Hi dearest @mintymile.

In my opinion the only option to get out of this conflict is negotiation. Both parties must yield.

Apparently an environment conducive to negotiation is being created as tensions seem to have entered into an apparent "calm." In this period both sides can analyze their own weaknesses against the advantages of their adversary.

But the most important thing here is that there should be no "adversaries." As long as the dispute continues, the entire community is being affected.

Your friend, Juan.

Indeed. Negotiation should be a must. However it's hard not to have impression, that old witnesses prefer to escalate conflict and "win" at all cost.

Thanks for sharing your views...

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